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Ask your Representative to Demand the White House Strengthen Justice40

President Biden announced his interim Justice40 Initiative in 2021 which will send 40% of Federal investment benefits to frontline communities. We're glad to see President Biden engaging on environmental justice. Now we need him to strengthen his guidance before it is finalized.

  • Representative Maloney and Senator Markey are leading a letter calling on the White House to strengthen its Justice 40 Initiative by-
  • Directing funding to communities that are most vulnerable to historic discrimination, pollution, and climate change.
  • Ensuring that Justive40 creates good paying jobs in frontline communities that adhere to strong labor standards and prioritize hiring frontline workers in those communities. 
  • Ensuring that all federal investments “do no harm” to disadvantaged communities and require agencies to publicly report impact assessments.
  • Requiring all agencies to implement Justice40 initiatives quickly and comprehensively. 

President Biden has the authority to create a Justice 40 initiative that directs funds to frontline communities, creates jobs, centers justice, and gets done quickly, but he needs to hear from Congress! 

That means we need as many Representatives as possible to sign on to Rep. Maloney and Sen. Markey’s letter. Call now to make sure your Representative has signed on! 

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Call you representative to protect our climate!

Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME] and I am from [CITY/STATE]. I’m encouraging [Rep. Name] to sign onto the letter from Rep. Maloney and Sen. Markey demanding the President strengthen the implementation of the Justice40 Initiative by

  • Giving money directly to frontline communities; 
  • Creating good jobs in frontline communities:
  • Ensuring investments ‘do no harm’  and requiring  agencies to publicly report impacts of federally funded projects;
  • Requiring agencies to move quickly!

Will [Rep. Name] sign on to this letter? You can contact Harry Manin at in Rep. Maloney’s office to sign the letter. 

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Your call to support a strong Justice40 Initiative makes all the difference! Call as many times as you can today and tell all your friends to call as well!

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