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Local Indivisible groups build and wield power in ways that individuals can’t. To create change, you need the collective constituent power that comes with working together, as Indivisibles.

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Indivisibles organize -- which means building power and flexing at key moments. Indivisible Groups take action in their communities, build collective purpose, and create change.

Image from Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth of Indivisible IL9 Andersonville-Edgewater

We make calls. We show up. We organize. And we’ve built lasting collective power across the country, in our home towns. We’re Indivisible.

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We’re a grassroots movement of thousands of local Indivisible groups with a mission to elect progressive leaders, rebuild our democracy, and defeat the Trump agenda.

Be Counted! Everything you need to get involved in the 2020 Census

- 12/11/2019

Indivisibles cannot sit this out -- we need to make sure local groups and activists get involved in the 2020 Census!

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Indivisible's All-New Congressional Endorsement Program!

Mari Urbina - 10/03/2019

We know engaging in elections -- especially primaries! -- can be intimidating. We also know that an endorsement, done correctly, is one of our...

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Image of the facade of the US Supreme Court

What to Expect from the Supreme Court this June

- 06/14/2019

The Supreme Court will issue its final decisions of this session at the end of June, and we can soon expect to receive rulings on numerous cases...

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National Impeachment Survey Results

- 06/11/2019

Interest in impeachment is (and has been) growing, and knowing where our movement is on this issue is very important for us in determining our...

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Local Indivisible group holding letters that spell the phrase "Defend Democracy."

Indivisible’s Two Year Plan to Beat Trump and Save Democracy

- 06/06/2019

Indivisible may have gotten started to resist Trump, but we know that the problem we’re facing is bigger than Trump. We have to beat Trump, but we...

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Image of a person holding a megaphone in a rally

Questions from the Field

Since we sent out our first Leah/Ezra email last month, we had nearly 500 questions and comments in response to our kickoff letter. And most of...

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Collage of headshots of the 2020 democratic presidential candidates

Introducing: We Are Indivisible 2020 Pledge

We are Indivisible. Join us and pledge to make the primary constructive, rally behind the winner, and do the work to beat Trump.

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Image of book reading "We are Indivisible: A Blueprint for Democracy After Trump"

Indivisible Is Getting a Book!

Indivisible is getting a book! It's a story of democracy under threat. It’s the story of a movement rising up to respond. And it’s a story of what...

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Map of the United States

The Case for Proactive State Policy

- 04/04/2019

We get this question a lot: with limited time and resources, shouldn’t we just focus on defense or compromise bills that we think we can pass this...

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Primaries are

Primary 2020: How We Engage to Win

Mari Urbina - 03/03/2019

Read more about our plan to win in 2020 and why we can't afford to sit this primary season out.

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Image of an oil field with the overlaid text "That’s the country we should be going to war with. They have all that oil and they’re right on our back door."

U.S. Options in Venezuela’s Crisis Aren’t War or Nothing

- 02/28/2019

If the the Trump administration was serious about helping the people of Venezuela, there are things it can do right now. The United States has...

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Supporting Historic Candidates and a Reflective Democracy

Leah Greenberg - 01/18/2019

How historic candidates move us towards a more representative democracy and how Indivisible supports them. 

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Stylized image of the Capitol Building

What to Expect in the Next Congress

Angel Padilla - 11/13/2018

We expect Democrats will use their control of the House to try to undo some of this horrible damage and present the American people with an...

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Introducing: Indivisible on Offense

We won the House! And a LOT of other stuff. And that means our tactics will have to change. Check out ‘why’s’ behind this shift in strategy and...

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“As Goes California”: Learnings About State Advocacy From the Golden State

- 10/18/2018

Indivisible groups in California formed a robust statewide coalition to flex their collective constituent power to make a measurable impact at the...

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The Year of the Womxn

- 10/18/2018

This year, womxn are at the forefront of the big blue wave and some of our country’s biggest, most formidable challenges. As womxn candidates...

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Indivisible's Queer Caucus Celebrates National Coming Out Day

- 10/11/2018

Indivisible's Queer Caucus celebrates National Coming Out Day!

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Indivisibles are doing the work to elect progressives in Texas

The bad news is that the blue wave won’t build itself. The good news is that I can report first hand that Texans across the state are doing the...

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Graphic that says "Endorsed by Indivisible"

Our Full Endorsement Slate Has Arrived!

Mari Urbina - 10/02/2018

So much hard work and commitment went into this process—from nominating and organizing around grassroots candidates, to voting in your local group...

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Image of Indepedent Indivisible group members in capes and costumes holding their banner

Rally Your Volunteers with a “Voting Is My Superpower” Campaign!

- 09/25/2018

This summer, Indivisible groups in San Diego County came together for a fun and high-impact voter outreach campaign at Comic-Con, the annual pop...

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Graphic that says "#100DaysOut From Election Day"

#100DaysOut: Indivisible groups host a nationwide weekend of action!

- 07/20/2018

Next weekend, the Indivisible movement will kick off a massive, nationwide electoral effort the weekend of July 28 and 29.

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Indivisible staff and group leaders standing with Andrew Gillum

Announcing: Indivisible’s endorsement of Andrew Gillum for Florida Governor

Leah Greenberg - 06/26/2018

With our national endorsement, we are committed to throwing the full weight of...

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Digital illustration of a person placing a vote labeled "Indivisible"

Announcing: Our 50-state Political Program!

We’re excited to announce the next evolution of the Indivisible movement: the official, on-the-ground launch of Indivisible435, our 50-state...

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U.S. State Map overlaid with the Indivisible Logo

Empowering States and Cities to Resist the Trump Agenda

- 05/18/2018

We are excited to announce that we are launching a state & local program to support our groups as they take their engagement to the state...

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Image of Julia Fox at the Women's March

Honoring Julia Fox

- 05/15/2018

All of us in the Indivisible family are devastated to share the news that our friend, colleague, and co-conspirator Julia Fox passed away this...

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Digital illustration of a person placing a vote labeled "Indivisible"

Stay Tuned! Announcing: Indivisible Action

That’s why today, we’re excited to announce the formation of Indivisible Action, a Hybrid Political Action Committee (aka a Carey PAC).

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Stylized image of the Capitol Building

What Could Happen on Capitol Hill in May

Angel Padilla - 05/03/2018

Summers are usually slow on Capitol Hill no matter what, but during election years the legislative gears grind to a near halt as Members of...

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What Could Happen on Capitol Hill in April

Angel Padilla - 03/30/2018

Congress is out on recess until April 9, but they have a full schedule when they get back.

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Organizational Updates from Indivisible

We have exciting updates to share with you about how things are working at Indivisible.

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A large group of Indivisible members sit in front of an Indivisible banner on a sunny day near some palm trees in Southern California.

Endorsing a Candidate And Coming Out Stronger: How CA-50’s Indivisible Groups Did It

- 03/19/2018

CA50 explains how they put the Indivisible Endorsement Guide in action to make the first Indivisible congressional endorsement in California.

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What Could Happen on Capitol Hill in March

Angel Padilla - 03/05/2018

The Congressional calendar for March is packed, so we wanted to give you a rundown of some of the key issues on Capitol Hill this month.

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Image of Indivisible Somerville group members at a rally with a banner that reads "Indivisible Somerville"

Sales Tactics from Somerville: Bringing in New Members the Way Businesses Bring in Clients

- 02/28/2018

Indivisible Soerville shares insights into how their outreach team recruits and retains members.

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Image of Indivisible UWS at the Women's March

Women’s March Moments

- 01/29/2018

Indivisible group leaders share reflections on where they were and how they felt on the day of the first Women’s March in 2017, when Trump...

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What Could Happen in February

Angel Padilla - 01/26/2018

The Congressional calendar for February is still in flux, but we wanted to give...

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Advocates for a Clean Dream Act protest in front of the White House.

A Bad Deal for Dreamers

Let the Senate know that you’re going to keep fighting, and you expect them to...

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Republicans Shut Down the Government

Angel Padilla - 01/20/2018

In the entire history of our country, the government has NEVER shut down when one party controlled the Congress and the White House. It’s called “...

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Trump’s Tweets of Support for Iran Don’t Hold Up. Let’s Stop Him From Making Things Worse.

- 01/05/2018

Amidst a complex background of economic and political grievances, droves of...

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Image of Indivisible's Logo

New Look, Same Great Grassroots Movement

Sarah Dohl - 11/29/2017

You built our brand, you are our brand, and now we have a mark that represents that.

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Image of Indivisible Westchester

Transforming Resistance into Political Power

Mari Urbina - 11/11/2017

In yesterday’s wave, voters around the country loudly rejected Trump and his politics of hate and helped usher a slate of historic wins. We’re...

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Image of Indivisible Chicago group members

Indivisible Chicago Takes On Cross-Check

- 11/09/2017

Indivisible Chicago tells the story of how they discovered some smoking-gun evidence that the problematic Interstate Crosscheck program had some...

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A Note from Leah and Ezra on a New Funder

Indivisible is first and foremost accountable to the Indivisible group leaders and members across the country

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Rep. Reichert’s Retirement

- 09/29/2017

Rep. Dave Reichert (WA-08) became a real-life example of this when, after nine months of constant pressure from constituents, he announced he...

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Standing Up for Sanctuary in Los Angeles

- 09/28/2017

Indivisible Highland Park, in Los Angeles, has taken on a critical role in the fight for sanctuary policies in LA. On September 7th, members of...

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This is the Story of How We Killed TrumpCare

- 08/25/2017

Explore this timeline of the health care fight.

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Roanoke Indivisible featured on the Rachel Maddow show.

Looking back: New Year, New Me, New US

- 07/20/2017

Today, on the six month anniversary of Trump’s inauguration as president, one of the first local Indivisible group leaders takes a look back on...

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Indivisible's Electoral Strategy

Mari Urbina - 07/07/2017

Indivisible 435: Building power for the thousands of Indivisible groups in every one of the 435 congressional districts. 

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Image of Indivisible staff at a rally holding an Indivisible banner

Building the Indivisible Organization

Ezra Levin - 05/15/2017

    This post is all about why we founded an organization and what it’s doing to support that broader movement.

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Indivisible’s Fundraising Philosophy: Fueled by Small Donations

Ezra Levin - 05/15/2017

We commit to a funding strategy that protects our core mission: fundamentally we exist to serve a growing movement of local Indivisible groups....

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Image of Indepedent Indivisible group members in capes and costumes holding their banner

The Indivisible Movement

Ezra Levin - 05/11/2017

As former congressional staffers, we know how Congress works. We thought we could demystify congress and give people the practical information...

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