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Organizational Updates from Indivisible

Leah GreenbergEzra Levin - 03/29/2018


We have exciting updates to share with you about how things are working at Indivisible.

Indivisible’s early organizational development

Back in early 2017 as the Indivisible movement was growing at a breathtaking pace, it became clear we needed to do something to respond to all of the emails and requests for support coming from these new civic leaders. In response, we formed a relationship with two nonprofit incubators—Tides and The Advocacy Fund—which incubated our 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) projects. We are able to use these two nonprofit structures to engage in a wide range of activities on different fronts—for instance, our 501(c)(3) focuses on nonpartisan civic engagement, while our 501(c)(4) supports our advocacy and electoral work. Throughout 2017, as the Indivisible movement spread and grew, our organizational effort did as well, with the crucial support of these two incubators.

The next stage for Indivisible

Heading into 2018, as we fought against TrumpCare and the Trump Tax Scam, and as Indivisible groups threw themselves into the Virginia and Alabama elections, Indivisible the organization continued to grow to support this local leadership. With this continued growth, it became clear that we were getting ready to leave the nest and strike out on our own. And that’s what this blog post is about!

Indivisible Civics and Indivisible Project

In 2017, we applied for independent 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) status from the IRS. These two entities are the Indivisible Civics, our 501(c)(3), and Indivisible Project, our 501(c)(4). Indivisible Civics will focus on building long-term progressive infrastructure and strengthening a culture of civic engagement. Indivisible Project is an organization that can make advocacy a primary part of its work and engage in some electoral politics.

Having two entities like this is a common arrangement and a natural next step for many organizations like ours. It doesn’t mean hiring a second staff. It will not have a major impact on how you interact with the Indivisible Project already as a group member or group leader.  Still, it's a milestone we’re excited about.

In tandem with our 501(c)(4), launching a 501(c)(3) means we can engage in the full spectrum of work that our groups are asking for: political, advocacy, and strengthening Indivisible groups through trainings and capacity building. It also means we will have a new channel for accepting contributions that will help us keep our sources of support diverse and sustainable. You can read more about Indivisible Civics here.  

Announcing our boards of directors for Indivisible Civics and Indivisible Project

As we were growing over the course of 2017, we sought out leaders in the progressive movement and other fields for advice, guidance, and support. We were fortunate to find many such folks who were passionate about Indivisible’s mission and about helping our fledgling organization take off. As we moved to independent organizational status, we are deeply honored to have many of these leaders agree to join our boards of directors to help guide and lead the organizations in 2018 and beyond.

As we built our board, we knew there were certain values we hoped they would share: experience building organizations like ours, bold leadership across different fields, and a deep belief in the power of grassroots movements to change the world. Our new board members  are all of that and more, and we’re lucky to have them join us. They’ve all been not just leaders, but game-changers in their fields. They come from a spectrum of progressive missions—labor, immigrant rights, anti-poverty, politics, technology, and public service. These are leaders that have inspired us and influenced our thinking.

They are all also huge fans of the Indivisible movement. Everyone who’s signed on to join us is here because they’ve been inspired by the work Indivisibles are doing, following their victories, and excited by the potential of what we can all create together. We’re excited for you to meet them.