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Call Senator Manchin and Demand He Save our Democracy


UPDATE: Senate Democrats introduced a new version of their democracy reform bill called the Freedom to Vote Act. The Freedom to Vote Act builds on the For the People Act to bring us closer to passing voting rights and fair redistricting reforms this Congress. As a key author and supporter of the Freedom to Vote Act, Senator Manchin must do whatever it takes to pass the bill -- including fixing the filibuster. We need Senator Manchin to be a champion for democracy and fight for fair representation for everyone. 

The Freedom to Vote Act  is a landmark democracy reform bill that would make mail-in ballots and voting more accessible, while also fighting partisan gerrymandering, money in politics, and government corruption. West Virginians overwhelmingly support what’s in the bill -- both Republicans and Democrats. 

Our democracy is facing a crisis. State legislatures across the country  have spent decades hollowing out our democracy, and in response to the 2020 election, have  doubled down on efforts to pass anti-voter bills, specifically to create deliberate barriers to voting for Black people, people of color, and the next generation of young voters. There were over 250+ bills introduced in states across the country, all designed to deny us our freedom to vote. 

Protecting the freedom to vote should be and is a bipartisan issue, but many politicians have proven they have no interest in doing what’s right. We must pass the Freedom to Vote Act this Congress or risk losing our democracy for decades. That’s why we’re asking Senator Manchin to use whatever means necessary to get the Freedom to Vote Act passed, including fixing the filibuster. 

West Virginians need Congress to take bold steps to protect our right to vote, even if it means taking risks. Call Senator Manchin and let him know it is imperative that we pass the Freedom to Vote Act now, even if it means fixing the filibuster. 

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Call Senator Manchin and ask him to be a champion for democracy

Hello, I’m a constituent from [part of state] and I’m calling to thank the Senator for his work on writing the Freedom to Vote Act. Voting rights and fair redistricting are crucial for a working democracy. That’s why I’m calling to ask the Senator to do whatever it takes to get the bill passed, including fixing the filibuster. We cannot depend on getting 10 Republican votes. Republicans are not interested in doing the right thing -- only in letting a few powerful Senators run out the clock on our democracy. We can’t let outdated Senate rules get in the way of doing the right thing. 

Will the Senator do everything he can to make sure the Freedom to Vote Act passes, including fixing the filibuster? The right to cast our ballots freely, safely, and equally is a critical issue and I will be closely watching the Senator’s actions to support him as he protects our democracy.

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Your call to support the Freedom to Vote Act makes all the difference! Call as many times as you can today and tell all your friends to call as well!

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