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Local Indivisible groups build and wield power in ways that individuals can’t. To create change, you need the collective constituent power that comes with working together, as Indivisibles.

Indivisibles organize -- which means building power and flexing at key moments. Indivisible Groups take action in their communities, build collective purpose, and create change.

We make calls. We show up. We organize. And we’ve built lasting collective power across the country, in our home towns. We’re Indivisible.

We’re a grassroots movement of thousands of local Indivisible groups with a mission to elect progressive leaders, rebuild our democracy, and defeat the Trump agenda.


Candace Valenzuela

State: Texas

Elected Office: U.S. Representative

Candidate District: TX-24

Reason for Endorsement:

Candace understands what it means to struggle. She grew up poor and her family occasionally struggled with homelessness. She overcame incredible odds growing up and has been fighting her whole life to ensure that others don’t have to go through the hardship that she did. With support from her mother and her public school teachers, she got a full college scholarship and became an educator herself. She eventually ran for and served on the school board, fighting for better teacher pay and keeping our kids safe from gun violence.

Indivisible is behind Candace because we know she understands what families are going through. She is in this race fighting for everyone to have access to affordable and secure housing, for investment in green jobs and infrastructure to confront the climate crisis head on, and for universal free pre-K to help struggling families and give all kids a chance to get ahead.

If elected, Candace would make history as the first Afro-Latina in Congress. We’re excited by her historic candidacy because it’s vital we have a Congress that reflects the diversity of America and gives voice to marginalized communities. We look forward to helping Candace flip the 24th and fighting alongside her once she’s in Congress.

Indivisible Grapevine Area nominated Candace Valenzuela for a national endorsement. If you would like to join the group or get involved, you can find them on Facebook.

Year: 2020