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Christy Smith

State: California

Elected Office: U.S. Representative

Candidate District: CA-25

Reason for Endorsement:

As a 40-year resident of CA 25, Christy Smith has the background needed to fight for her community. She became the first Democrat to represent Santa Clarita when she flipped one of the last Republican-held Assembly districts in Los Angeles County in 2018.

In Congress, Christy plans to work to protect the right to choose, reduce health care costs, implement common-sense gun reform and increase investments in our education system. She believes that America is at an inflection point, and we must do more to protect the policies that millions of Americans rely on, like Social Security and Medicare, while fighting to advance our progressive values. She is a proven leader with deep local support who will fight for affordable and universal healthcare, champion workers’ rights, and protect our environment by taking on corporate polluters. 

Indivisible Action is making this endorsement in between our usual pre-scheduled rounds to announce before the March 3 special election to replace former Representative Katie Hill.

We’re also thrilled that Christy Smith has announced that she’ll forgo corporate PAC donations. Since our first endorsements in 2018, we’ve been adamant about the need to keep corporate money out of politics, which is why it’s a requirement to earn Indivisible’s endorsement. It’s great to see candidates respond to grassroots energy by embracing a people-first approach to fundraising, and this decision is reflective of how Christy will lead in Congress.

IndivisibleCA25 Simi Valley Porter Ranch first nominated Christy Smith for a national endorsement. If you would like to join the group or get involved, find them here on Facebook or their website.

Year: 2020