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Rep. Cori Bush

State: Missouri

Elected Office: U.S. Representative

Candidate District: MO-01

Reason for Endorsement:

Cori Bush came to DC as a registered nurse, pastor, and proud advocate in the movement for Black lives. She answered the call from her community when they asked her to run for office, and as the first Black Congresswoman from Missouri she’s already delivered results for the people of her district, including securing hundreds of millions in important public health and environmental funding.

Cori brings a desperately-needed fresh voice and under-represented personal experience to Washington. When the eviction moratorium was set to expire in 2020, Cori refused to ignore the crisis and take a pre-scheduled Congressional break, instead staying in DC and sleeping on the steps of Congress to protest. She knew from her own life what it’s like to be unhoused with children, and used her position to successfully advocate for a moratorium extension that helped millions of Americans. 

Cori has introduced vital legislation in her first term, focusing on environmental, racial, and social justice. She’s become a strong advocate for maternal health, drawing attention to disparities in care for parents of color and marginalized communities. In response to the repeal of Roe v. Wade, she’s drafted the “Protect Sexual and Reproductive Health Act,” which aims to create a new reproductive health office in the Department of Health and Human Services and provide grant money to reproductive care services and community support programs.

Rep. Cori Bush brings her love of St. Louis to everything she does. She’s been a leader in her community for years, has become a progressive champion in Congress, and Indivisible is proud to endorse her for another term. 

Indivisible St. Louis nominated Rep. Cori Bush for a national endorsement. If you would like to join the group or get involved, you can find them on Facebook or Twitter.

Year: 2022