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Delia Ramirez

State: Illinois

Elected Office: U.S. Representative

Candidate District: IL-03

Reason for Endorsement:

Delia Ramirez is a community leader committed to social and economic justice for working families. Throughout her life and career, she’s worked to prevent homelessness and create affordable housing, expand access to healthcare and quality education, and attack the root causes of violence in our communities.

When she was elected to the Illinois House of Representatives in 2018, she became an effective leader and coalition-builder for important legislation. As a daughter of Guatemalan immigrants, she sponsored and passed a first-in-the-nation bill expanding Medicaid benefits to all seniors, regardless of immigration status. She established Illinois’ first legislative housing committee and spearheaded a $200 million investment to build affordable housing. And she worked hard to pass landmark climate legislation, requiring Illinois to move to 100% clean energy by 2045 and providing a just transition for workers and impacted communities.

Electing Delia Ramirez will bring a progressive leader and the first Latina from the Midwest to Congress. We know she is ready to fight for her community and we’re proud to endorse her.

Indivisible Chicago Alliance nominated Delia Ramirez for a national endorsement. If you would like to join the group or get involved, you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, or their website.

Year: 2022