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Herb Jones

State: Virginia

Elected Office: U.S. Representative

Candidate District: VA-01

Reason for Endorsement:

Herb Jones knew he needed to run for Congress the day his representative and Republican opponent voted against certifying the 2020 presidential election results. As a retired Army colonel, Herb has spent his life putting service to community and country above all else. He knows Virigina’s 1st district deserves someone who will put the country’s interests over their political future. He’s running to represent the people of his district, not disregard them.

In Congress, Herb will fight to establish universal Pre-K, secure universal access to high-quality healthcare, codify abortion rights for all, and expand broadband to rural communities. He believes unions are the bedrock of the American middle class and will work to pass the PRO Act so more workers can organize and collectively bargain for better pay, stronger benefits, and safer working conditions. 

Herb Jones took an oath to defend the Constitution and will bring that same commitment to country when in Congress. He is the best choice for VA-01, and we’re proud to endorse him. 

Williamsburg JCC Indivisibles nominated Herb Jones for a national endorsement. If you would like to join the group or get involved, you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, or their website.

Year: 2022