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Lucas Kunce

State: Missouri

Elected Office: U.S. Senator

Reason for Endorsement:

Lucas Kunce brings an unapologetically populist, service-oriented, honorable voice to Missouri politics, and would be a powerful 51st vote in the U.S. Senate. 

Born and raised in a working class Jefferson City neighborhood, Lucas watched his family fall into bankruptcy after his little sister was born with a heart condition. His community stepped up to keep the family afloat and help send Lucas to school, and he’s dedicated his life to paying back the favor through service. He spent 13 years in the Marines, including multiple tours of combat, followed by a role protecting his fellow veterans from predatory banks during the mortgage crisis. As a foreign-policy expert, he helped lead our country's arms control negotiations with Russia and NATO. And through it all, a focus on fairness, integrity, and honesty.

Now, Lucas wants to stand up to the powerful special interests that have taken over Washington, and fix a broken economic system that prioritizes the wealthy over working-class families trying to get ahead. He wants to invest in our rural communities, bring manufacturing and green energy jobs to our state, stand strong for reproductive and LGBTQ+ rights, and bring back the tradition of plain-spoken truth-telling politics that made Missouri famous.

He’s not rich, and he’s not self-funding his campaign. He’s not taking Corporate PAC money, donations from Big Oil or pharma executives, or registered federal lobbyists - he’s supported by small-dollar grassroots donors. Lucas is running for Senate because he’s ready to fight hard for the people of Missouri, and he has the experience, know-how, and drive to make it happen. Indivisible is proud to endorse Lucas Kunce for Senate.

Indivisible St. Louis nominated Lucas Kunce for a national endorsement. If you would like to join the group or get involved, you can find them on Facebook or Twitter.

Year: 2022