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Melanie D’Arrigo

State: New York

Elected Office: U.S. Representative

Candidate District: NY-03

Reason for Endorsement:

We’re proud to endorse Melanie D’Arrigo because she is a tireless advocate for working and middle-class families on Long Island. She knows what it’s like to grow up with limited means and graduate college with thousands of dollars in student debt, what it’s like to face workplace discrimination against expectant mothers, and what it’s like to find yourself drowning in medical debt even after doing everything right. With this experience, we know Melanie will fight in Congress for policies to better the lives of marginalized people.

When Trump was elected, Melanie was gutted, so she did the only thing she knew how to do - she got to work. Melanie started volunteering for organizations combating the Trump agenda to protect our rights, our families and our district. She also put in countless hours managing campaigns and helping to elect more Democrats. She was putting in the work but quickly noticed that her congressman wasn't, at least for his constituents. As part of the Problem Solvers Caucus, he repeatedly sides with Republicans to push a Trump agenda or breaks with the party to support his corporate donors. He stays silent when marginalized communities are attacked and consistently needs to be pushed to support the most basic Democratic tenets. 

Melanie is running for Congress to restore the power to the people whose voices have been drowned out by the agendas of corporate lobbyists. She’s fighting to pass legislation that benefits the majority of Americans, not just the wealthy and politically powerful.

Empire State Indivisible and Long Island Activists nominated Melanie D’Arrigo for a national endorsement. If you would like to join the groups or get involved, you can find Empire State Indivisible here on Facebook or email at us@empirestateindivisible.org, and you can connect with Long Island Activists via their website.

Year: 2020