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Rep. Josh Harder

State: California

Elected Office: U.S. Representative

Candidate District: CA-10

Reason for Endorsement:

Rep. Josh Harder ran for office when his brother David, who has a pre-existing condition like 100,000 other people in the 10th district, was at risk of losing his healthcare. His community rallied, came out to vote in record numbers, and they won. Thanks to that victory, people with pre-existing conditions like Josh’s brother can still get insurance and see a doctor. 

But those protections are still under attack. And Josh understands that we have to do more — prescription drug costs are out of control and patients still have to wait too long to see doctors in the Valley. That's why Josh voted to protect access to health care for folks like David, introduced a bipartisan bill to bring 10,000 more doctors to California, and voted to cut prescription drug prices by up to 75%.

Since Harder's election in 2018, he has held nearly 20 town hall meetings to listen to all constituents, and he remains directly engaged with the grassroots. He has developed a strong bipartisan approach to representing the 10th district, while remaining committed to the progressive values that powered the Blue Wave. We’re proud to endorse his re-election.

Indivisible Stanislaus nominated Josh Harder for a national endorsement. If you would like to join the group or get involved, find them here on Facebook or email at

Year: 2020