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Demand Kyrsten Sinema Cosponsor the Raise the Wage Act and Include it in COVID Relief

The federal minimum wage of $7.25/hr has not been raised in over a decade, the longest we have gone without an increase to the minimum wage since 1938. Workers making the minimum wage today are earning less than they would have 50 years ago. The minimum wage for tipped workers is even lower at $2.13/hr, a harmful subminimum wage rooted in racism against the workers of color who disproportionately work in tipped industries. Fortunately, we have an historic opportunity to pass S. 53 The Raise the Wage Act to gradually raise the minimum wage from $7.25/hr to $15/hr by 2025, while phasing out discriminatory subminimum wages.

A $15/hr minimum wage would give 32 million workers a raise, the majority of whom are essential workers who have been hit hardest by this pandemic. Nearly 20 million women would receive a raise, over 1/4th of all women in the workforce, including 20% of women of color. Increasing the minimum wage also has benefits for small businesses - who badly need our support - by increasing staff retention and boosting state and local economies.

Arizona has already taken important steps to increase their state minimum wage, which is currently $12.15/hr and is set to go up modestly each year as cost-of-living increases. The Raise the Wage Act would simply continue this trend of increasing wages, while benefiting workers in other states who have refused to increase their minimum wages above poverty levels. This policy benefits all workers while setting states on an even economic playing field.

Every Senator should be a cosponsor of S. 53 The Raise the Wage Act and demand it be included in the COVID relief package moving through Congress right now.

Tell Sen. Sinema to Cosponsor the Raise the Wage Act and Include a $15/hr Minimum Wage in COVID Relief!

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Tell Sen. Sinema to Cosponsor the Raise the Wage Act and Include a $15/hr Minimum Wage in COVID Relief!

Hello, I’m a constituent from [part of state] and I’m calling to ask Sen. Sinema to become a cosponsor of S. 53 The Raise the Wage Act and include it in COVID relief.

All workers deserve a living wage, especially frontline workers who have been impacted most by the pandemic. Gradually raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2025 will give 32 million workers a raise as we recover from the pandemic. Arizona is already moving in the right direction, but we need to raise the minimum wage nationally to make sure we aren’t leaving anyone behind. This policy absolutely needs to be included in the reconciliation bill currently being negotiated in the Senate.

Will Senator Sinema cosponsor the bill and fight for a $15 an hour minimum wage in COVID relief? I will be watching the Senator closely on this issue and will follow up.

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Your Call to Senator Sinema makes all the difference as we fight to raise the minimum wage! Call as many times as you can today and tell all your friends to call as well!

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