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Demand Sen. Sinema Support an Inclusive Recovery

After weeks of bad faith complaints about the topline number for recovery, Sen. Sinema has come out saying she strongly opposes provisions to lower drug prices, and will not vote for an inclusive recovery if the House delays or votes down the low ambition Bipartisan Infrastructure (BIF) Package. It is absolutely unacceptable that Sen. Sinema has chosen to protect Big Pharma profits over the needs of her constituents. President Biden, Congressional Leadership, and the CPC have all agreed that recovery & BIF must move forward together!

She must stop shilling for corporate interests and support Biden’s progressive vision for recovery. Let us be clear, Sen. Sinema is threatening popular policies like lowering drug prices, strengthening Medicare, universal child care, and climate action, and instead choosing to fight for the ultra rich.

We know these policies are popular in AZ! Ninety percent of voters in your district support allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices, Sen. Sinema should champion this issue. Instead, she said she opposes this popular policy, and is threatening to oppose the whole package unless her inadequate infrastructure bill passes first.

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Tell Sen. Sinema to Support an Inclusive Recovery

Hello, I’m a constituent from [part of state] and I’m calling to express how upset I am to see Sen. Sinema betray her constituents to protect Big Pharma’s profits, by opposing Biden’s vision for an inclusive recovery, and threatening the passage of desperately needed policies like lowering drug prices, strengthening Medicare, universal child care, and climate action. Instead, she is fighting for large corporations and the ultra rich.

I expect Sen. Sinema to correct her course by supporting President Biden’s vision for recovery and to prove to their constituents that she is on the side of patients, not in the pocket of Big Pharma.

Will Sen. Sinema stop obstructing the inclusive budget reconciliation bill? I’m disappointed with the position she has taken so far and will be watching to see if she changes course.

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Your call to demand Sen. Sinema support and inclusive recovery and lower prescription drug costs makes all the difference! Share this call script and encourage your friends and neighbors to call as well!

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