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Demand Your Representative Address the Climate Crisis in Recovery

President Biden has put out his vision for recovery—the American Jobs and Families Plan— and it’s a good first step, but fails to address the climate crisis we are facing.

Indivisible is supporting three critical climate priorities in recovery: The Environmental Justice Mapping and Data Collection Act establishes the framework needed to direct at least 40% of federal investments to frontline communities. The Civilian Climate Corps for Jobs and Justice Act creates 1.5 million jobs, guaranteeing a $15 minimum wage, healthcare coverage, and requires at least 50% of hires to be from frontline communities. The American Renewable Energy Act establishes an ambitious renewable energy standard to drastically reduce emissions, decrease pollution, and promote community resiliency and energy democracy.

Climate is a crucial part of recovery, but it isn’t the only priority we are fighting to win.

Much like we saw in the fight for the American Rescue Plan the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) has gone through a thoughtful process to determine their priorities to win a robust recovery. In addition to climate, Indivisible is supporting 5 other critical priorities:

  1. Pathway to Citizenship
  2. Dramatically Lower Drug Prices & Use Savings to Pay for Public Health Expansion
  3. Investments in Climate
  4. Investments in the Care Economy
  5. Investments in Housing
  6. Increasing the overall size of Recovery

For a more in depth analysis read our Recovery Priorities Resource.

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Tell Your Representative to Address the climate crisis in Recovery

Hello, I’m a constituent from [part of state] and I believe any recovery package must address the climate crisis. Will [Representative] cosponsor the following bills and advocate for them to included in recovery:

  • The Environmental Justice Mapping and Data Collection Act
  • The Civilian Climate Corps for Jobs and Justice Act
  • The American Renewable Energy Act

Additionally, increasing the overall size of recovery by including a pathway to citizenship, lowering drug prices, and making historic investments in the Care Economy and Housing are critical priorities for recovery. Will [Representative] support these policy priorities?

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