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Demand Your Representative Investigate Detention Abuses

A brave whistleblower recently filed a complaint alleging "jarring medical neglect" within the Irwin Detention Facility in Georgia, including a refusal to test immigrants who are detained there for coronavirus, and an alarming number of hysterectomies performed on immigrant women held in the facility. These horrifying new allegations follow years of carefully documented medical neglect within immigration detention. 

We’re following partners on the ground, including Project South and Georgia Detention Watch, and expect to learn more about the specifics of what’s happening at Irwin over the coming days, but we have more than enough information right now to take action--to demand an investigation and to ensure that more money isn't funneled into this desperately dangerous system. 
Specifically, we’re asking that you:

  • Demand your senators and representative publicly call for an immediate on-the-ground investigation by the Office of Inspector General. They need to be loud and unapologetic since the OIG has said ICE detention facilities are too unsafe for them to enter.
  • Demand your senators and representative publicly demand the immediate closure of the Irwin Detention Center. Period.
  • Tell your representative that when the House votes on the continuing resolution next week, they must REJECT the request for extra money for CBP. Remember: DHS still has the ability to move money around, so ALL the pieces of the anti-immigrant enforcement machine are linked.

Fill out this form right now and we’ll connect you to your Representative. Tell them to do everything in their power to investigate and end detention abuse! When you’re done with that call, hang up and call both your senators.

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Tell Your Representative to Investigate and End Detention Abuse

Hello, I’m a constituent from [part of state] and I’m extremely concerned about the reports of medical neglect, including forced hysterectomies of immigrant women, at the Irwin Detention Center in Georgia. 

Will [Representative] call for an immediate on-the-ground investigation by the Office of Inspector General, and the immediate closure of the Irwin facility? And will [he/she] also commit to opposing the request for additional funding for CBP in the upcoming continuing resolution? We know that the level of disregard for human life seen in Irwin is the direct result of privatization and dumping billions of dollars into a cruel and unaccountable system. We simply must not funnel additional money into any part of such a system.  I will be closely watching for [Representative]’s actions on this and following up.

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Your call for immediate investigation and in opposition to additional money makes all the difference! Call as many times as you can today and tell all your friends to call as well!

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