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Demand Your Representative Support Medicare Negotiations and Expansion in Recovery

The House is preparing to vote on their version of the Build Back Better Act, which includes essential provisions to expand Medicare benefits and lower prescription drug prices by allowing Medicare to negotiate them. But we aren’t in the clear yet. 

The package does not include some of our key priorities, like:

  1. A swift phase-in for dental benefits (currently makes seniors wait until 2028!)
  2. No co-pays for dental benefits (currently requires seniors to pay 90% of major dental treatments the first year and then a heafty 50% after)
  3. Lowering the Medicare eligibility age
  4. Out-of-pocket cap

We need to make sure these critical improvements are included in the final package. Unfortunately, that’s not our only problem. Three pharma-backed Democrats voted against the provisions to lower drug prices in the Energy & Commerce committee (Representatives Rice, Peters, & Schrader) causing the measure to fail. Fortunately, the Ways & Means Committee was able to pass the same provisions through their committee (since both committees share jurisdiction over healthcare provisions). 

This means that House Democrats still have an opportunity to include Medicare negotiations in the final reconciliation bill. BUT we will need to push ALL democrats to vote to pass the entire package on the floor. With the slim majority in the House, NO MORE than 3 democrats can vote against the bill or it FAILS.

Healthcare is a crucial part of recovery, but it isn’t the only priority we are fighting to win.

Much like we saw in the fight for the American Rescue Plan, the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) has determined their priorities to win a robust recovery. In addition to healthcare, Indivisible is supporting 6 other critical priorities:

  1. Pathway to Citizenship
  2. Dramatically Lower Drug Prices & Use Savings to Pay for Public Health Expansion
  3. Investments in Climate
  4. Investments in the Care Economy
  5. Investments in Housing
  6. Increase the overall size of Recovery

For a more in depth analysis read our Recovery Priorities Resource.

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Tell Your Representative to Include Medicare Negotiations and Expansion in Recovery

Hello, I’m a constituent from [part of state] and I urge [Representative] to support the strong provisions in the Build Back Better Act to lower prescription drug prices and to work to include the following critical improvements to the Medicare program. Will [Representative] work to include: 

  • A swift phase-in for dental benefits 
  • No co-pays for dental benefits 
  • Lowering the Medicare eligibility age, and
  • Out-of-pocket cap?

Additionally, the overall size of recovery must not be whittled down. We need robust investments in order to include a pathway to citizenship,  make historic investments in affordable housing, green jobs, the care economy, and to combat climate change

Will [Representative] support these policy priorities?

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Your call in support medicare negotiations and expansion in recovery makes all the difference! Call as many times as you can today and tell all your friends to call as well!

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