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Demand your Senator refuse to confirm any new Supreme Court Justices

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a champion for civil rights and gender equality, passed away on September 18. Her dying wish was that she not be replaced until the new President is inaugurated. We cannot let Donald Trump destroy her legacy by replacing her with a justice from his shortlist of conservative extremists. Amy Coney Barrett, Trump’s pick to replace RBG would no doubt undo all of the progressive change she fought for her whole life. 

During Trump’s presidency, he’s prioritized corrupting our courts by nominating far-right ideological extremists throughout the federal judiciary with the help of Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Replacing RBG is just another step he’s taken to further pervert our judicial systems. 

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who blocked nearly all of Barack Obama’s federal judicial nominations and then held open a Supreme Court seat for over a year in 2016 to prevent Obama from filling it, has already declared he will bring Trump’s nomination to the floor for a vote. We cannot let this happen. We have to block everything Republicans try to do to get this nominee confirmed.

Republicans have absolutely no business filling this vacancy this close to the election under any circumstance. But McConnell’s unrelenting attempts to pack the Supreme Court with Trump loyalists at all costs is especially egregious now in light of the fact that  Senate Republicans are facing a serious COVID-19 outbreak after many of them attended Barrett’s nomination announcement in the White House Rose Garden (many of them maskless). That event now appears to be a superspreader event. Judiciary Committee members Senators Thom Tillis and Mike Lee, along with Senator Ron Johnson, have all tested positive for COVID-19, yet Republicans still plan on starting hearings October 12. Holding hearings or conducting business in the Senate would result  in a public health disaster. Senate Republicans must finally bring this illegitimate Supreme Court nomination process to an end, halt all hearings, and require all affected Senators to stay home and quarantine.

Call your Senators now and demand they REFUSE to consider any Supreme Court Justice until after the next president is inaugurated. The American people deserve to have their voice heard in what will shift the balance of the court for our lifetimes. It’s especially dangerous to proceed now given the public health risks.  If your Senator is a Republican, tell them they have no business filling RBG’s seat at all, especially not now that there’s a COVID-19 outbreak in the Senate itself. Republicans must halt Senate business, including Judiciary Committee hearings. If your Senator is a Democrat, tell them to keep doing everything they can to block Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court until after the next president is inaugurated.

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If you have a Republican Senator:

Hello, I’m a constituent from [part of state] and I’m calling to demand that Senator [name] refuse to hold any hearings or confirm any new Justices until after the next president is inaugurated. Senator [name] has no business filling Justice Ginsburg’s seat at all, but especially not now that the Senate is dealing with a COVID-19 outbreak. Due to Trump’s irresponsibility, it is not safe to hold any hearings or conduct Senate business. We must keep in mind the safety of both Senators and staff. The Senate should shut down, quarantine, and cancel these hearings.  

Will [Senator] oppose holding any hearings to fill this vacancy until after the next president is inaugurated? I will be closely watching for [Senator]’s actions on this and following up.

If you have a Democratic Senator:

Hello, I’m a constituent from [part of state] and I’m calling to demand Senate Democrats block the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. Our courts are under attack by right wing extremists. Democrats must do everything they can to block the Barrett confirmation until after the inauguration of the next president. We cannot let  Mitch McConnell destroy our courts or let Justice Ginsburg’s replacement be a right-wing conservative ally of Donald Trump. 

I will be closely watching for [Senator]’s actions to slow down Senate business as much as possible. 

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Thank you for your call demanding your Senator refuse to confirm any new Supreme Court justices. The American people deserve to have their voice heard in what could shift the courts irreparably for our lifetimes. Call as many times as you can today and tell all your friends to call as well!

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