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Join the National Campaigns Network and save democracy

We did it, we took back the White House and secured a Democratic trifecta.

Along the way, Indivisibles became pros at winning elections, deep organizing, and lobbying their Members of Congress. You held town hall events when your Members of Congress refused to and demanded accountability. You held rallies and events that helped mobilize countless new people to join this fight. You lobbied to secure key protections for access to healthcare, immigrant rights, and more. Even with Trump gone, our democracy is fragile and in desperate need of a fix. But it's clear that when we come together and raise our voices, we can make a real impact.

That's where the National Campaigns Network (NCN) comes in: The NCN is a coordinated network of local Indivisible groups who make a commitment to partner with each other and the national organization on federal advocacy campaigns. NCN groups organize strategic, regional actions to support Indivisible's national policy priorities.

In 2021 and beyond, the NCN will continue to organize together to build power and use it to push for progressive policy goals, starting with democracy reform. If you want to be in community with other activists across the country and help achieve goals like building an inclusive democracy, passing bold policies to address the climate crisis, and creating an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top, your group is welcome and encouraged to join the network. 

NCN groups are large, small, urban, rural and everything in between. Whether your group is just getting started with three people, or has been organizing for years, you can be a member of the National Campaigns Network. Is your group fired up and ready to be a part of the NCN?

Your group belongs in the NCN if you can commit to:

  • Using your power: The NCN is about taking action. You'll show up during important moments for our campaigns and when your MoC plays a key role.You'll build or continue partnerships with other organizations, especially those led by marginalized people. You'll always keep learning how to be a strong ally. You believe that we must organize constituents to hold all legislators — Democrats, Republicans, and others — accountable. You won't shy away from calling them out when they fall short, and you'll organize in primaries and general elections to get the right progressives into office. You'll take action on national campaigns, whether it's hosting a rally, driving calls to your Senator, organizing office visits to your Congressperson, or anything in between.
  • Stay in it to win it, and help rally other Indivisibles: You know the work didn't end in November 2020. You know that winning things like people-centered immigration policy, aggressive action on climate change, and more in the years to come starts with reforming democracy. You're ready to keep it up this year and beyond. You're willing to be a leader within the movement by working with your organizer and national staff to support other groups in your region.
  • Coordinate and collaborate: You know that to win progressive victories, we need to build power and work together. You will coordinate with national staff and other Indivisible groups during national campaigns, offer help when you can, and work closely with your organizer to keep building your power.

Important: You'll make sure someone from your group joins the NCN conference call, every fourth Thursday at 8:30pm ET / 5:30pm PT to hear about upcoming projects and program updates, provide feedback and, dive deeper into policy, and meet other NCN leaders. You'll receive an email before the call with details on how to join!

  • Build an equitable and inclusive movement: You believe that equity and inclusion matter to this work, especially racial equity. You believe that people most impacted by oppressive policies have the best solutions, so you'll find opportunities to build partnerships and show up for organizations representing marginalized people. You'll work to create a safe and inclusive organizing environment in your group, and at Indivisible by helping us all grow and learn how to work across lines of difference. 

We look forward to organizing with you!