Julie Oliver

State: Texas

Elected Office: U.S. Representative

Reason for Endorsement:

I'm a healthcare advocate, lawyer, accountant and working mom with 20 years of experience in healthcare and taxation. I'm running for Congress because it's time for honest, decent working Texans like us to end the status quo and to take our country back from the extremist minority.

I grew up poor. I was born in South Oak Cliff, and moved to Ovilla when I was 11. My mom was a school teacher. My dad owned a pawn shop.

I took care of my mom for the last 15 years of her life as she struggled with a chronic disease. And I'm taking care of my dad now.

So when Congress came after healthcare for sick children, the elderly, working Texans, and people with disabilities, just so millionaires and multi-national corporations could get a tax cut - that's what lit the fire. That's when I knew I had to run for Congress.

I'm the only candidate with extensive experience crafting complex legislation. In 2003 I co-wrote the Texas Motor Fuels tax, which brings millions of dollars into our state, much of it for roads and infrastructure, but a portion of which is set aside for Texas' badly underfunded public education. Later that year I was hired by my current employer, where I've worked as a lawyer and accountant in healthcare finance ever since.

When I say "We can achieve healthcare for every single person", I mean it - and we can do it efficiently, and with real continuity of care. I know how this market works and it's what I do every day - help deliver healthcare to hundreds of thousands of Texans.

I volunteer in my community and have delivered Meals on Wheels for the last 15 years. And recently I was appointed by the Austin City Council to serve on the board of Central Health whose mission is delivering healthcare to low income folks, where I've been an outspoken champion for accountability, transparency, and getting high-quality healthcare to low-income and minority communities who have traditionally been under-served. Most importantly, I'm a mom to 4 great kids and a wife to my husband Matt.

If we're going to restore our democracy, we have to bring accountability back to our government and get big money out. I'm not accepting any PAC money - my campaign is 100% powered by individual donations - so you know that when I say I want to serve and represent this community, you'll know I'm not going to be in anybody's pocket. In fact, I'm so committed to transparency that I bring my tax return with me everywhere I go - and I'll make it public every year I'm in office.

I'm proud to be part of the historic wave of women who decided they weren't waiting for any other candidate, or any party, or anyone else to make change, and I'd be honored as your choice for your Democratic candidate for US House of Representatives in District 25. Everything is on the line in 2018, and in order for us to take back the House we’re going to need a Representative who is focused on helping the people she’s elected to serve.

Year: 2018