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Kathleen Rice and Scott Peters must support lower drug prices, not Big Pharma profits

The Energy & Commerce Committee held their markup on Sept 15th on the Build Back Better Act, which included an essential provision to lower prescription drug prices by allowing Medicare to negotiate them. Medicare would use the prices of these drugs in other countries as a benchmark to ensure Americans are getting a fair deal.

Three pharma-backed Democratic members of the committee, including Representatives Rice & Peters, voted against those provisions to lower drug prices, which caused the measures to fail in the Energy and Commerce Committee. This is outrageous considering Rep. Rice & Rep. Peters voted in favor of the same legislation, H.R. 3 the Elijah Cummings Lower Drug Cost Now Act, last Congress!

Make no mistake, Rep. Rice & Rep. Peters chose to protect Big Pharma profits and betrayed their constituents. 

This fight isn't over yet! Though 3 Democrats blocked the Energy & Commerce Committee vote, the Ways & Means Committee was able to pass the same provisions through their committee (since both committees share jurisdiction over healthcare provisions). 

This means that House Democrats still have an opportunity to include Medicare negotiations in the final reconciliation bill. BUT we will need to push ALL democrats to vote to pass the entire package on the floor. With the slim majority in the House, NO MORE than 3 democrats can vote against the bill or it FAILS. 

Call Reps. Rice and Peters now and demand they put their constituents before the profits of Big Pharma!

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Support lower drug prices, not Big Pharma profits

Hello, I’m a constituent from [part of state] and I’m calling to express how upset I am to see [Representative] betrayed their constituents to protect Big Pharma’s profits, by voting down provisions to lower drug prices in the Energy and Commerce Committee.

[Representative] voted in favor of the same measures last Congress, and campaigned on taking on the pharmaceutical and insurance industry to lower costs for patients. Ninety percent of voters in our district support allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices, which is why I expect [Representative] to correct their course by supporting President Biden’s vision for recovery and to prove to their constituents that [Representative] is on the side of patients, not in the pocket of Big Pharma.

Will [Representative] commit to voting YES on the Build Better Act that includes Medicare negotiations, and uses the price in other countries as a benchmark so we get a fair deal, in the final reconciliation bill? I will be watching closely and will follow up with your office.

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Your call to demand Congress support lower prescription drug costs makes all the difference! Share this call script and encourage your friends and neighbors to call as well!

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