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Local Indivisible groups build and wield power in ways that individuals can’t. To create change, you need the collective constituent power that comes with working together, as Indivisibles.

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Indivisibles organize -- which means building power and flexing at key moments. Indivisible Groups take action in their communities, build collective purpose, and create change.

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We make calls. We show up. We organize. And we’ve built lasting collective power across the country, in our home towns. We’re Indivisible.

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We’re a grassroots movement of thousands of local Indivisible groups with a mission to elect progressive leaders, rebuild our democracy, and defeat the Trump agenda.

Presidential Endorsement Process

A year ago, Indivisible launched the Indivisible Pledge. Over 30,000 activists and every major Democratic presidential candidate signed the pledge committing to support the ultimate nominee and do whatever it takes to beat Trump. 

It’s time to do the work! With Joe Biden being the one candidate left in the race—and all the other major candidates endorsing him—we have a presumptive nominee. Indivisibles across the country fought hard and constructively for their candidates of choice during the primary. From knocking doors to making calls to getting out to the vote, we all lived up to the pledge while pushing to make all the candidates better. 

We are all in to defeat Donald Trump. We are committed to doing everything in our power to defeat Trump and make him a one term president. We have big plans for 2021, and none of them are possible unless we make Biden president. He was not the movement's top choice in the primary, but the primary is over, and he is now the best candidate for president.

On the anniversary of the Indivisible Pledge, we’ll launch an endorsement vote for Biden. Now it’s up to all of us on how we work to defeat Trump. While we believe an endorsement of the nominee is a critical piece of upholding the pledge and defeating Trump, in keeping with our commitment to the Indivisible network, our endorsement process is led by the network of grassroots activists who make up the Indivisible movement. This vote is our next big step as a community in the fight against an administration guided by corruption and white nationalism.

What does an Endorsement Mean? 

Making an endorsement of a candidate is not the end of the work, it’s actually a signal of the start of all that work. So, if we endorse what does that mean? 

On an individual level, if you’re voting yes to an endorsement as an Indivisible activist that should mean you’re also committing to do whatever you can to beat Trump. Whether that’s making phone calls, talking to your friends, knocking on doors (if we’re able to in the fall) and/or registering voters -- and of course voting. 

On a national level, an endorsement is a commitment to go all in. From setting up voter contact programs to supporting Indivisible groups in swing states to bringing in new volunteers, we’ll be doing everything we can to defeat Trump. 

How will Voting Work?

Over the course of April 23rd - May 3rd, we’ll be running a registration and voting process that every Indivisible group leader, group member and activists who is on the Indivisible email list by April 25th will be able to participate in. The specific steps will be as follows: 

Registration period

Now - April 27th at 11:59 pm ET 

To make sure active members of the Indivisible community can participate in the vote, registration will be open through April 28th at 11:59 pm PT. Indivisible group leaders, members and other Indivisible activists can register here if they are not already on the Indivisible email list. If you are already on the email list, you do not need to register again. 

Priority Vote for Indivisible Group Leaders

April 23rd - April 25th   

Voting will open early for Indivisible group leaders. They will receive the voting link in the weekly group leader email and will need to confirm in the vote that they are in a leadership role in an Indivisible group. 

Full list voting

April 25th - May 3rd   

The vote will launch to the full Indivisible list on the one year anniversary of the Indivisible pledge. Voting will be open for a week and only people who are already part of the Indivisible list or had signed up during the registration period will be eligible to vote for added security. Individuals will also only be permitted to cast one vote, which we will be verifying during and after the vote process. 

There will only be one candidate on the “ballot” since Joe Biden is now the presumptive nominee. The question that folks will be asked to respond to is “Should Indivisible endorse Former Vice President Joe Biden for United States President?”.  Responding yes will be affirming both wanting to endorse and that the endorsement be of Joe Biden. Responding no means that you are opposed to an endorsement of Joe Biden. 

Voting closes

May 3rd at 11:59 ET 

Voting will officially close on May 3rd at 11:59 pm ET! 

Vote analysis

May 4th 

The Indivisible data team will dive in to analyze and certify the results. 


May 4th

Once the results are tallied, we’ll make an announcement! If 60% or more of respondents vote that we should endorse Joe Biden, we will move forward with the endorsement.