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Indivisible Groups & National Staff - How We Work Together

Indivisible is a progressive grassroots movement of millions of activists across every state, fueled by a partnership between thousands of autonomous local Indivisible groups and a nationwide staff that offers strategic leadership, coordination, and support.

Our organizing model is the intersection of organizing around national priorities and building and supporting groups. We take action together and flex our network muscles on our federal priorities at strategic movement moments. These key moments build power for the network as a whole and for individual groups. At the same time, the national organization provides resources and support to help local groups build their structures, recruit new members, and run local campaigns. This important, intentional work means that groups are even more set up for success on our federal campaigns as well. This reinforcement- over and over again- builds a stronger and more powerful network.

This document outlines some ways Indivisible supports local groups so you can easily see in one place things that would be most helpful to your group:

Connect with Indivisible staff/meet your Indivisible Organizer. Indivisible’s team is filled with experienced organizers, policy wonks, communications pros, fundraising experts and more. We want to share our expertise and partner with you. Each group has a dedicated Indivisible Senior Organizer or Organizing Manager who are eager to meet you. Set up a time to connect and get to know one another. If you don’t know your Indivisible Organizer, reach out to and we can help you connect.

Sign up for Indivisible emails. We have weekly newsletters for Indivisible members and for Indivisible group leaders. These newsletters include the most up to date calls to action, upcoming trainings/events and more.

  • Leader Newsletter: The Indivisible group leader email generally is sent out on Thursday or Friday. Folks who are part of group leadership can sign up here.
  • General Newsletter: The overall newsletter generally is sent out on Mondays. You can sign up for our email list at the very top of the Indivisible website.
  • We also send out one off calls to action in major moments and announcements abouts upcoming events.

Find your fellow Indivisibles. Search our group map to find groups near you. If your group’s information on the map needs to be updated, contact your organizer to make any changes.

Check out all the group leader resources: There are SO many resources for Indivisible leaders. Those resources, group programs and more can be found in the Group Leader resource section of the website.

Join our national calls. We have several regular calls for different types of audiences that are a great opportunity to connect with other Indivisibles and Indivisible staff. Call schedules will be included in the weekly newsletters and you can find all upcoming calls on this calendar.

  • National Activist Call: On the first Thursday of each month there’s a National Activist Call open to Indivisible group leaders, group members and other Indivisible activists. This is a place to build community, hear important updates and more.
  • POC Call: Join Indivisible National POC staff as we talk and connect around issues that directly affect POC, the work that we do, and the world in which we try to create lasting change. Please note that this is a space specifically for people of color/indigenous group leaders and members.
  • Rural Call: Once a month, rural Indivisibles and organizers all over the country join together to troubleshoot problems and celebrate successes, receive rural-specific information and trainings to benefit rural advocacy, and learn how National Indivisible is supporting rural organizing across the country! Sign up to get on the email list and join the call.
  • NCN Call: This is a call for group leaders who are part of the National Campaigns Network (NCN), so if your group is part of the NCN you should make sure new leaders are joining. If you’re not part of the NCN, you can learn more here.
  • Policy Working Group Calls: Join Indivisibles across the country as we coordinate advocacy efforts around Indivisible's five core federal issue areas and state policy opportunities. Organize alongside Indivisible’s policy experts as you deepen your understanding of active congressional legislative fights and engage in coordinated surgical advocacy. You can learn more about each group and sign up for the calls here.
  • Indivisible Truth Brigade Campaign Launch Calls: Combat disinformation by joining the Indivisible Truth Brigade, a team of thousands of volunteers who are trained in disinformation-fighting and work together to share and amplify best practices-based counter-messaging. Calls are currently twice monthly, on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month. Join here.

Join the Town Hall Team. Formerly known as “Town Hall Project”, the Town Hall Team bridges the gap between Members of Congress and their constituents by scouring the internet for upcoming town halls and sharing the information here. Help groups and activists alike hold their elected officials accountable by signing up with the Town Hall Team.

Join our trainings. We have regular live trainings on a variety of topics -- from preparing for major weeks of action to organizing skills to racial equity and inclusion and more. Our training calendar includes all the upcoming trainings and keep an eye out for our emails with announcements of new trainings.

Financial support. There are several ways that we provide direct financial support to Indivisible groups.

  • GROW Grants: We have a small grants program and Indivisible groups can apply for funds for projects that increase group capacity and/or group collaboration. More about the program can be found here.
  • Distributed Fundraising: Indivisible’s Distributed Fundraising program is a streamlined process for groups to fundraise for their group. More about the program and how to apply here.
  • Resources and reimbursements for major days of action: When Indivisible calls for a week or day of action, we often will have support like sending swag or offering reimbursements.

Press support. Local Indivisible groups get a lot of great media attention. Our press team always enjoys connecting with Indivisibles to brainstorm and support. Ask your Indivisible Organizer to make a connection or reach out to

  • Local media lists: We can provide a local media list, or help locate the contact information for reporters in your area.
  • Broadcast media clips: If your group appears live on TV or the radio, we can help you find that video or audio.
  • We can frequently offer support pitching media or talking strategy -- contact your organizer to get connected to support.

Indivisible merchandise discount. Indivisible group leaders can buy merchandise in the Indivisible store at production value. Just plug in the code: WEAREINDIVISIBLE.

Branding support. Indivisible groups across the country have different logos, brands and styles -- it’s really cool to see. If you want to incorporate the national Indivisible logo in your own logo, we’re happy to help. Reach out to your Organizer or if you have branding support requests!

Legal support. While our legal team can’t provide formal legal advice, they can support with a number of things that may come up.

  • FEC Reporting: If you fundraise through our distributed fundraising program, our legal team will take care of any FEC reporting. You just need to fill out a request form before you do any political spending.
  • Troubleshooting: If you have questions/have issues stemming from activism - we may be able to help troubleshoot or point you in the right direction.

State advocacy program. Indivisibles have made a lot of important gains at the state and local level. While our national campaigns are focused on the federal level, we do also want to support work happening at the state level through our state advocacy program. If you want to connect with our team about state advocacy work, you can fill out this request form.

Data Tools. We have a few databases to help you make your organizing as strategic and data-driven as possible.

  • EveryAction: EveryAction is a tool that we provide to Indivisible groups to help build their local power. It’s a data management tool to better know, work with, and track your group members with features like: bulk uploads, targeted emails, event and general sign-up forms, advocacy forms, and more.You can learn more about EveryAction here and apply to use the tool here.
  • VAN: If you want to make calls or knock on doors in your area (when it’s safe to do so again), we can help you get set up with a phone bank or canvassing (again, when it’s safe). VAN allows you to engage voters on multiple levels. From issue ID or advocacy to electoral races, you can reach out to voters on the issues that matter to you, your group, and your community to make real lasting change in your area. You can fill out the application here.

Recruitment support. In addition to the tools already mentioned to support with building your group, we have a few additional ways we directly support group recruitment.

  • Recruiting for events on indivisible map: Make sure you register your events on our map.
  • Leads in EveryAction: If you join EveryAction (mentioned above), we’ll be able to share through the program leads in your area who may want to get involved with your group.

In addition to all the material resources listed above, Indivisible staff are always eager to help troubleshoot and brainstorm ideas to support with challenges your group is facing. If you’re not already in touch with your Indivisible Organizer, you can reach out to