Local Indivisible groups build and wield power in ways that individuals can’t. To create change, you need the collective constituent power that comes with working together, as Indivisibles.

Indivisibles organize -- which means building power and flexing at key moments. Indivisible Groups take action in their communities, build collective purpose, and create change.

We make calls. We show up. We organize. And we’ve built lasting collective power across the country, in our home towns. We’re Indivisible.

We’re a grassroots movement of thousands of local Indivisible groups with a mission to elect progressive leaders, rebuild our democracy, and defeat the Trump agenda.

IndivisiChill: Post-Election Party Kit

You just built the blue wave. Now, it's time to relax, regroup, and recruit.

You just built the blue wave. Now, it's time to relax, regroup, and recruit.

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Congratulations! We won the House! Republicans built a sea wall against us. But we built a bigger wave. And it came crashing down in every part of the country. Democrats won the popular vote by more than any Democratic midterm popular vote margin since Watergate. And that is because of you and your group. You knocked on doors, made phone calls, wrote postcards, planned events, and poured your heart and soul into this election season.

So what now? Here is your first piece of practical advice moving forward into 2019 and 2010: you deserve a party! Celebrating is an incredibly important piece of long term movement building. You and your group members need space to decompress, reflect on your wins, and celebrate your hard work.

We invite you to throw an IndivisiChill Moving Forward Party! Pick any evening in 2018, invite all your volunteers and their guests, turn up the music, kick off your canvassing shoes and remember how wonderful you are. And to remind you (and thank you for your incredible work this election season), Indivisible will send two (2!) signed copies of our new Indivisible Guide 2.0 to the first 30 groups to register their events on the map. Now you will have even more in common with Rachel Maddow!

What do you have to do? Not much, we hope. You deserve a break.

  1. Start by choosing a location and date. You need any space where people can gather and relax. Throw in a table for food, some couches or comfortable chairs for Indivisi-chilling, and an area for activists to dance to the sweet, sweet sounds of our Resistance Mixtape.

  2. Once you have a location and a time, upload your event to the map. Click here to register (and don’t forget to choose Celebration under the event type). You are part of a larger movement and our map helps us connect with each other. And! The first 30 groups will receive two signed copies of the new Indivisible Guide to keep/raffle/read everyday for the next two years.

  3. Now it's time to recruit! Celebrations are great, low pressure ways to recruit new people and ease them into activism. Ask all your group members to bring a friend, invite your neighbors, invite your book club, invite that one friend that you don’t know that well but is always complaining about Trump on Facebook.

  4. Make it a potluck! Nothing brings folks together like sharing food, and people are more likely to attend an event if they have a role. Ask everyone to contribute something to the party, and before you know it, you will have a table covered with family favorites.

  5. IndivisiChill! Now your party is full, your table is sagging under the weight of all those casseroles, what do you do? Indivisible has you covered. In this toolkit, you will find a sample evening agenda, with a few ideas to inspire you, ideas to break the ice, a Resistance mixtape on Spotify, your next ask for your group, and more!

  6. Make a pitch! If you are participating in our distributed fundraising program, celebrations are a perfect time to make an ask for members to contribute to your group. We included a guide to making an effective fundraising pitch in this toolkit, below. And if you are not yet participating in our distributed fundraising program, sign up here.

  7. Show us all the fun! Don’t forget to take pictures and videos of the night, and make sure to tag @IndivisibleTeam on twitter so we can amplify your work (and because we love to see your smiling faces).

Have fun!


IndivisiChill Party Timeline & Checklist

Everything is easier with a checklist: planning a party, visiting a district office, saving democracy. Everything. So we put together this sample checklist to make your IndivisiChill planning as err...chill as possible. Print this checklist, decide on roles and tasks, follow-up, and check them off as you go. Bam! Party planned!

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IndivisiChill parties are about relaxing, regrouping, and recruiting new activists ahead of our vital work in 2019. To make this as stress-free as possible (think day at the spa, or wrapped in blankets on your couch watching bad tv), it is important to split up the work among your leadership team, or your best activist friends.  

This is also good organizing. Pro-tip: people will be more invested in events, and more likely to show up when they have a clear role. So gather your top volunteers (and the activists you are developing into your top volunteers) and decide on roles and tasks. Here are some sample roles to get you started.

  • Party Czar (Tracker of the Tasks): This is you or your most organized activist. This person assigns the tasks and follows up to make sure they get done and everything runs smoothly.
  • Vendor Scout/Venue Liason: This person decides on the venue and coordinates with the host. The venue can be someone’s living room, a public space like a library or an art center, or a restaurant or bar.

  • Invitation Lead/RSVP Tracker: You want to know who is coming to your party so this person sends the invitations and then collects RSVPs in a spreadsheet. Bonus points for making confirmation calls the night before.

  • Potluck Coordinator: If you are hosting a potluck, the Coordinator assigns and tracks the food so you have a variety of food, account for any food allergies, and don’t end up with a table full of different interpretations of tuna casserole.

  • Social Media Poster: This person is your most social media savvy volunteer. She hypes the party on your group’s facebook and twitter pages. This person should work with the RSVP Tracker to collect all the RSVPs from the posts.

  • Event set-up: These group members (2-3 folks should do) get to the venue early and help set up.   

  • Greeters: These are your friendliest folks who always know how to make someone feel comfortable. Give them a sign-in sheet and a clipboard and task them with signing in everyone at the party. Make a point to introduce them to any new faces and connect activists who haven’t met before.

  • Emcee: This person welcomes everyone to the party, gives a brief overview of the group, and leads the ice breaker. She also announces the winner of the drawings or the paper plate awards.  Don’t worry, we have you covered with a sample agenda below.

  • Clean-up Crew: Parties aren’t any fun when you are left with a mound of dirty dishes. These folks help you clean up so you can go to bed as relaxed as when you started.

Sample Agenda

It’s IndivisiChill time! Your guests are mingling, the Resistance mixtape is on full blast (or like a reasonable volume so folks can talk and laugh), the hot dish is hot. So how do you get the most out of your celebration? Here is a sample agenda to get your party going. Because all the raddest parties have agendas.

  • Greet your guests: Assign 1-2 people from your group to be the designated greeters. These are your friendliest folks who always know how to make someone feel comfortable. Give them a sign-in sheet and a clipboard and task them with signing in everyone at the party. Make a point to introduce them to any new faces and connect activists who haven’t met before.

  • Welcome and Icebreakers: Once everyone has had a chance to mingle and settle in, welcome everyone to your Indivisi-chill Party. Introduce yourself, your group, and give a short synopsis of what you have been able to accomplish this year. Pro-tip: if you have been working with your organizer, they can look up how many voters you have talked to through our tools. Then ask everyone else to introduce themselves. We included some sample icebreakers in this kit to get everyone talking.

  • Eat!: Make the party a potluck. Ask your group members to bring their favorite dishes. They will be more invested in the event and more likely to show up if they have a purpose. Plus, sharing food builds community.  Double plus, you’ll have leftovers for days.

  • Games! Music! Indivis-chilling!: This party is your chance to relax and enjoy the company of your fellow activists so do just that. Play the Resistance Mixtape on Spotify.  And here are some awesome resistance board games.

  • Fundraising Pitch: If you are participating in our distributed fundraising program, this is a perfect time to ask your members to contribute to the group. Make a direct ask, describe what support is needed, and what your group will be able to do with these resources. Don’t forget to mention how to donate (credit cards accepted). We’ve got you covered with more about making the pitch in this toolkit below.

  • Drawings and/or Paper Plate Awards: Everyone likes a prize! You can do a drawing for framed pictures of your groups activities over the year, or your signed copies of the Indivisible Guide 2.0.  Or make creative awards for your top group members on paper plates. Who draws the best protest signs? Who recruited the most new activists? Who always finnagels her way into your MoC’s office?

  • Call to Action: Before everyone leaves, make a pitch for your next action. Yup, just because we are Indivisi-chilling doesn’t mean our work is over. Indivisible is hosting a National Day of Action on 1/3 to kick-off the new congress in style. Ask your Indivisi-chillers to commit to helping plan and execute the action.

  • Clean up: Parties aren’t any fun when you are left with a mound of dirty dishes. Enlist 1-2 people from your group help you clean up.  What did we say about purposes

  • Follow up: Over the next few days, call all your attendees to thank them for coming to the party, congratulate them on all their work this year, and personally invite them to the National Day of Action.


Icebreakers are an easy, low-pressure way to kick-off an event and get to know your group members better. They give all members a way to participate in the conversations from the very beginning, connect with other group members, and laugh a little before jumping into the serious business of saving our democracy. Fun fact: here at Indivisible HQ, we start off most meetings with an icebreaker.

Chill Groups

Although much of your group feels like family by now, this ice breaker can reveal things you may not know about each other, and help family and new recruits feel connected.


  1. Print up a list of 5-10 ways people like to relax in your area. Think Netflix, long naps, museums, or local activities

  2. Designate, with a table card or other visible sign, areas of the room for each type of relaxation.

  3. Create Chill-Pal Sign-Up sheets for each type of relaxation, and place them in each area.


  1. When people grab their name tags, ask them to choose one (or write “other”) and write it on their tag.

  2. Suggest they find others with the same desire and pop their names on the CHILL PAL sign-up list, which they all photograph and make plans to chill together.

Your group can get as creative as you like with each area, and take this as far as you like (you can refer to it later in the evening, or use to create groups to play other games).

blue balloons

Who Am I?

This is a simple 20-questions type party game. Guests are given a secret identity at the beginning of the party and need to guess their identity through yes or no questions to the other guests.  You can make it political, celebrity-focused, or super local.


  1. Pre-write sticky notes with guessable names within the theme you choose. Political or not.

  2. Bring tape.


  1. As guests sign in, pop a sticky on their back (use tape if it seems the sticky will fall off).

  2. Each guest has to guess who they are. They are allowed to ask each other guest only one “Yes” or “No” question before moving on to a different guest.

  3. When the guests guess who they are, that can be the end of the game, or they can continue to answer questions, or you can come up with something else to do based on the theme of the game.

Asking for (Fundraising) Support

IndivisiChill parties are the perfect time to raise money for your group. You just finished a huge campaign (and won big!) and now you are gearing up to turn resistance into insistence. You need money for protest supplies, group infrastructure, and more awesome celebrations.

Even better, IndivisiChill parties are all about relationship building, a key component of fundraising. Building relationships is uniquely valuable compared to raising money online because people get to hear first-hand testimonials of the impact your group has had.

Make the pitch part of your party agenda. Be intentional and direct about asking for money. Remember, you are just giving your activists another opportunity to support an organization that they care deeply about. Here are some tips for making your ask as effective as possible.

Sign Up for Distributed Fundraising Program
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  1. Some people get nervous to make an “ask,” so practice the exact language you’d like to use ahead of time. You can say: “We’d like to invite you to donate today so we can accomplish our goals,” or “I hope you’ll consider contributing $50 to support our work,” or (one more) “If you’re able to make a donation, the funds we raise today will allow us to…”

  2. Ask and wait. After you make a direct ask, give your activists the opportunity to respond. Making an ask can feel uncomfortable at first, so be mindful of wait time and don’t talk yourself out of it.

  3. Setting suggested contribution levels, and/or clarifying what you can accomplish with different levels of giving, will encourage people to give at greater levels. Where possible, you can tailor specific contribution levels to the individual you’re asking based on previous support.

  4. Sometimes, a co-host or another attendee will agree ahead of time to match donations made at the celebration, up to a certain amount. That’s a great way let people feel their impact is doubled.

  5. To take in contributions from the ActBlue page most effectively, we recommend having a laptop open to your page, in “incognito” or “private browsing mode,” which ensures their information isn’t saved and the next person doesn’t accidently donate using their information. Have one person assigned to be near the laptop to answer any questions.

Call to Action (to make at your party!)

We relaxed, we regrouped, and now it’s time to re-energize!  

Indivisible is hosting a National Day of Action on January 3, 2019. This is the first day of the 116th Congress, and it is our movement’s first chance to speak with our united national voice about the issues that are important to us. Democracy reform, immigration, healthcare, Democrats have a chance to pass crucial messaging bills that tell the country where we stand. They also have power to investigate Trump and be a true check on the administration.

But we know that they will not act unless we hold them accountable. Host or join an event on January 3rd to tell the new Congress that we stand Indivisible and we aren’t going anywhere.  

Here are the crucial details:

  • What: National Day of Action

  • When: Thursday, 1/3 at any time that works for you and your group

  • Where: Outside district offices or public spaces

  • Who: You, your group members, and Indivisibles from around the country

  • How do I sign up: Go to Indivisible.org/event to register or join an event