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IndivisiGather: Community Building Event Reimbursement Program Overview

In just a few years, Indivisible groups have built so much power in their communities. You’ve become important centers for civic engagement, shared learning, and for creating community. We know how much work that takes, and we know that burnout is always a risk among group leaders and volunteers. So, we want to keep providing you with support so you can take some time from the organizing work and have fun -- the kind of stuff that strengthens solidarity between people that makes grassroots activism enjoyable.

That's why we're continuing our largest ever reimbursement program, IndivisiGather! 

Your Indivisible group can access up to $1000 to cover the costs for FUN gatherings that help organize your group, build community, and lean into organizing basics–outside of any issue advocacy and political organizing. These gatherings can be structured around group retreats, barbecues, ice-cream socials, coffee chats, game nights, beach gatherings, hikes, virtual get-togethers, etc. Whatever members of your group like to do that will help them recuperate, deepen their understanding around issues, and build on their friendships with each other,  find some time to do it together and IndivisiGather can help cover the costs! 

You can use this reimbursement for food, snacks, renting space, or other standard event supplies. Simply keep your receipts and then submit this form

Note: This is an initiative of Indivisible Civics a 501(c)(3). That means all events must have a primary purpose of civic education and cannot include lobbying or partisan political activity. We will not be able to process reimbursements for events that included lobbying or partisan activity. Please read this resource for examples of c3 compliant events, and you can talk to your Organizer about our other financial support systems.

Want to get reimbursed for your Indivisible community building event? Just follow these 3 steps:

Step 1




Plan your community building event! Barbecues, ice-cream socials, coffee chats, beach gatherings, hikes, virtual get-togethers, etc -- whatever members of your group like to do, find some time to do it together! We strongly encourage following all CDC guidelines and taking into account the local rate of transmission and vaccination rate when planning in-person events. Where possible, when planning in-person events we encourage you to do so outdoors. 

Step 2




Keep your receipts! The main thing you’ll need to submit for reimbursement is your receipts, so make sure to take a picture and/or put them in a safe place and submit them all at one time. 

Step 3




Submit the reimbursement form! Fill out this form to request your reimbursement. You can be reimbursed directly (mail/direct deposit) or through your group’s Distributed Fundraising account. The form will be open until December 9th and we expect reimbursements to take 3-4 weeks from submission to process.

Bonus Step




Share your success! Ok, there’s technically a fourth step that we’d really love. Let us know how your event went. Tweet pictures at @indivisibleteamm send us your stories at and tell your Indivisible Organizer about your highlights.

The reimbursement form will be open until December 9th, 2022.

Got everything you need already? Submit your reimbursement request here.

IndivisiGather Event Planning Toolkit

Check out our event toolkit here. This goes into general community building best practices, example event agenda and a personal story worksheet.

Have some more questions? Keep on reading…

What types of things can I use this reimbursement for? 

You can use this reimbursement for supplies for any community-building event with your Indivisible group. Specific supplies may include food, snacks, renting space, other standard event supplies. If you’re planning a virtual event, you can consider dropping off treats, snacks, paying for lunch, speaker honorarium, etc.

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I’m finding some barriers to participate, can you help me? 

We want to support as many groups as possible with this initiative, so if you are finding any barriers to participate (concerns about the reimbursement timeline, the reimbursement cap, filling out the form, etc) please reach out to us at or to your Indivisible Organizer so we can brainstorm solutions. 

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Can you share a longer list of allowed and not allowed expenses that can be reimbursed? 



  • Food/snacks for event attendees
  • Non-alcoholic drinks for attendees 
  • Catering and vendors
  • PPE 
  • Napkins/plates/cutlery 
  • Fees for a venue 
  • Swag with your group’s name or logo on it 
  • Small goodies/give-aways *under $200 for an event* 
  • Decorations 
  • AV supplies 
  • Non-political speakers

Not Allowed: 

  • Drugs or alcohol 
  • Any spending related to partisan political activity or lobbying, such as promoting legislation or candidates
  • Donations to other organizations/campaigns/political parties 
  • Direct charitable giving (ie* donating school supplies or food) 
  • Personal enrichment 
  • Events that don’t have the goal of community building within your Indivisible group 
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What if I really could use support with a project, but it doesn’t fall within the scope of this reimbursement program? 

Check out our GROW Grants program! You can apply for a grant for your group for any project that supports your capacity building or collaboration with other Indivisibles. If you think your gathering would be best used for grassroots advocacy/political activity, please consider applying for a GROW Grant to pay for your event.

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If I’m working with another Indivisible group are we still limited to $1,000 in reimbursement? 

The reimbursement is per Indivisible group, so if two groups are hosting an event together each group can request reimbursement separately.

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