Trump Just Interfered in the Mueller Investigation. Here's What You Can Do Next.

Donald Trump wasted no time after the midterm elections interfering in the Mueller investigation. But we’ve been ready for this for a while.

Trump fired Jeff Sessions as Attorney General and replaced him with Matthew Whitaker. If you don’t know Matthew Whitaker, he’s a political hack who has spoken in great detail about ways to hurt the Mueller investigation.

It’s pretty obvious why Trump chose Whitaker. The Blue Wave flipped the House of Representatives into Democratic control, and Mueller is getting closer to the truth about Trump’s crimes and corruption. So he essentially replaced Mueller’s old boss (Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein) with a new boss that has no problem intervening and obstructing justice.

This is a red line, and Trump just crossed it. Now it’s time to act. Here’s what you need to know.


The Mueller investigation has already yielded a string of high-profile indictments and plea deals. General Michael Flynn, former National Security Advisor to Trump, has reached a plea deal with the Special Counsel in which Flynn agreed to cooperate with the investigation after admitting to lying to the FBI about his conversations with Russia. Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort also agreed to cooperate with Mueller pleaded guilty to several charges, including conspiracy against the United States. (Let that sink in: the person who managed Trump’s presidential campaign has now been charged with conspiracy against the United States.) Trump’s former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, pleaded guilty to violating campaign finance laws at Trump’s direction. Manafort’s associate Rick Gates has pleaded guilty on two counts, and Trump campaign foreign policy advisor George Papadopoulos has pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his communications with Russia. Special Counsel Mueller has also indicted thirteen Russians on allegations of interfering in the U.S. elections.

These developments are the latest evidence that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation continues to get closer to the truth.

What Can You Do Now?

Thing are still moving, and there may very well be more developments. While it’s important to focus and continue to resist the Trump agenda simultaneously, we can also work now to protect the Mueller investigation as it unfolds. Here’s how:

  1. All Americans need to be clear that we will not stand for this. Indivisible is teaming up with a coalition of groups to host emergency rallies at 5 p.m. local time on Thursday, November 8. Sign up to host or attend a rally here.

  2. Tell Congress to act. Every Member of Congress should be immediately and publicly calling for two things:

    • Matthew Whitaker must recuse himself from overseeing the Mueller investigation

    • Congress must launch investigations into Trump’s obstruction of justice—and Democrats should be publicly committing to do so when they take control of the House in January.

There is no longer “nothing we can do” about Trump’s antics. The Democrats will take over the House of Representatives in January and we will demand that they prioritize using their new powers to hold Trump accountable.

Indivisible will soon be launching a new Guide: Indivisible on Offense. This Guide will break down the new powers we have in the new Congress, and strategies and tactics for urging the new Congress to actually take steps to hold Trump accountable.

Join us for a national call at 8:00 PM ET, Tuesday, November 13th as we launch this new Guide to focus on how we can actually have impact to continue to resist Trump together:

Sample Call Script

Call Your Member of Congress Now

Caller: Hi! I’m a constituent from [part of state] I’m calling to urge [MoC] to act immediately because Trump just crossed a red line. The Acting Attorney General, Matthew Whitaker, has talked openly about shuttering the Mueller investigation and how he’d do it. Trump is obviously trying to interfere in the investigation and called it a “hoax.” I want to urge [MoC] to publicly call for Whitaker to recuse himself and for a congressional investigation into Trump’s obstruction of justice.

Staffer: Thank you for your call. [MoC] is monitoring the various investigations closely and is letting them run their course.

Caller: That’s good, but it’s really important for Congress to assert its power now to protect the investigation and hold Trump accountable. Can I expect [MoC] to issue this statement immediately?

Staffer: I’ll pass that along to [MoC]

Caller: Great, I’ll be following to see if [MoC] speaks out on this.

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