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Local Indivisible groups build and wield power in ways that individuals can’t. To create change, you need the collective constituent power that comes with working together, as Indivisibles.

Indivisibles organize -- which means building power and flexing at key moments. Indivisible Groups take action in their communities, build collective purpose, and create change.

We make calls. We show up. We organize. And we’ve built lasting collective power across the country, in our home towns. We’re Indivisible.

We’re a grassroots movement of thousands of local Indivisible groups with a mission to elect progressive leaders, rebuild our democracy, and defeat the Trump agenda.

We are Indivisible July 2020 Kick-off

This isn’t the world we pictured when we started planning our General Election work. Because of the global pandemic and social distancing guidelines, some of our most tested and effective direct voter contact tactics are off the table. Our network is stretched thinner than ever as many groups continue to do the good and important work to support the Movement for Black Lives and the national uprising against police brutality.

But this is the moment we have been preparing for. For the last four years, Indivisibles have taken action to defeat the Trump agenda. You marched, you showed up at airports. You held die-ins to beat back Trumpcare, and held so many district-office visits that one congressman hid on a roof rather than come down to face you. You built the Blue Wave to take back the House, screamed “Whose House? Our House! in the snow, and rallied from border to border to #DefundHate. Now it is time to beat Trump, flip the Senate, and build a truly inclusive democracy. 

Indivisible is launching our General Election program on July 27 with our first Unity Week of Action. July 27 marks 99 days until the general election, and it also happens to be the third anniversary of Indivisibles defeating Trumpcare. So, in celebration and commitment to the work ahead, from July 27-August 2, Indivisible groups all over the country will be hosting phone banks and text banks as part of our unified digital program. We have big goals this year. Our network is going to reach out to 20 million voters, and this Week of Action is our first step. 

What is a unified digital program? It is a one-stop shop for your most strategic and effective direct voter contact. Through our peer-to-peer texting and phone banking tools (we use Hubdialer), you will be directly connected to the exact right voters we need to win the Presidency and flip the Senate. We will continuously monitor polls and political shifts to ensure that we are always targeting voters in the most effective ways at strategic times, so who we are targeting and when can shift from day to day. You may join a texting program expecting to reach Pennsylvania voters only to see it shift to Georgia. That is strategic and intentional. Be assured that we will always provide you with talking points and everything you need to have great conversations whenever there is a shift. Note: If you are in a target state for the Presidential or the Senate, your organizer or the Support Team ( can set you up with a virtual phone bank for voters in your state.

A note about local races. We know you care a ton about important local races too, and we want to support your group’s work on those races as well. That’s why we are grounding our national work in four Weeks of Action- plus GOTV- giving you plenty of time to hold your House seat, flip your state legislature, and elect a City Council who will Defund the Police. 

Alright, let’s get started. This guide will help you plan an effective direct voter contact event. If you need anything, please reach out to your organizer or the Support Team (

Hosting Virtual Events

While we want nothing more than to meet in person, lead some rally chants, and share some pizza while making calls or texting voters, the last three months have taught us that most events can be adapted online. While we might lose some elements from in-person actions (it's just not the same with a personal pizza), we have been blown away by Indivisible group leader’s creativity in building fun, and effective virtual events (check out our talent show!).

We have developed some resources to support groups with hosting virtual events. You can see our Hosting Virtual Events resource for some creative ideas and best practices. Additionally, we have a few guides for new hosts or attendees on Google Hangouts and Zoom that you can see below: 

If you’re new to hosting virtual events, check in with your Indivisible Organizer or our Support Team ( and they’ll be able to help talk you through it and provide more resources.

Planning Your Event

This is our We are Indivisible July 2020 Kick-off event! The first of four Unity Weeks of Action to Beat Trump, Flip the Senate, and Save Democracy (Unity Events for short). We know that by now, Indivisible group leaders are experts at hosting events and as experts, you know that it is always important to plan ahead. Plus, our unified digital program has a few extra details. 

Choose a date and time. Our Unity Week of Action starts on Monday, July 27 and runs through Sunday,  August 2. Our texting and phone banking tools will be open to groups and volunteers from 2 pm- 8 pm EST every day.

It may be helpful to check in with group members and potential speakers to see what’s most convenient before finalizing a time. As always, consider what times will be most accessible for folks in your community particularly around work and parenting or care-taking schedules.

Choose a tactic. During our We are Indivisible July 2020 Kick-off, the most strategic thing you and your group members can do is to take part in our unified digital program. Through this program, you will be able to text and call voters in target states for both the Presidential and Senate elections. While you might not know who you are reaching out to until you log-in, we will always prepare you with the most effective talking points possible. 

Do you want to host a phone bank or a texting party? Do your group members have the gift of gab? Or speedy fingers? Or both? Pro-tip: texting requires more training in advance so you might want to encourage your last minute guests to phonebank instead.

Register your event on the Indivisible map. Once you have your event set, register it on the Indivisible map (including We Are Indivisible July 2020 Kick-off as the event issue focus). That way we can measure Indivisible’s reach and help push out your event and help recruit attendees. Pro-tip: Is your event only for established group members and volunteers? Mark it as “private” when you register.  

Delegate and determine roles. Any event is a great opportunity to develop leadership within your group and empower folks to take on new responsibilities- especially as we move into election season. Depending on the scale of your event, you may want to create teams or just have one point person for specific duties. You can find some specific ideas for roles below. 

Build a Recruitment Plan and start recruiting. Did you catch our June webinar series on recruitment and building inclusive groups? If not, don’t worry! We have a handy new guide all about recruiting, and a worksheet to help you build a plan. Start by re-engaging members who have dropped off over the last few years, and build out to new folks who are itching to oust Trump. 

Join a Texting Training. Already a part of our texting program and in our texting slack? If yes, great! We will see you during your event. If not, you and any new texters from your group will need to be trained up and onboarded before your event. If you are hosting the event, we recommend that you complete 1-2 texting shifts before your event so you can help newer texters troubleshoot. We have plenty of training opportunities coming up:

Get ready to phone bank. Phone banking requires less set-up than texting but it's still important for you to have a sense of the technology before you join, even if just to tell all your group members and attendees how easy it is. Check out our Hubdialer video here and you will be ready to go!

Unity Event Roles

Unity Events, and especially our first We are Indivisible July Kick-off Week of Action, are about launching our general election program, flexing our national muscle, and reaching out to tens of thousands of voters across the country . You can’t do that by yourself. It is important to split up the work among your leadership team, or your best activist friends.

This is good organizing. People will be more invested in events, and more likely to participate when they have a clear role. So gather your top volunteers (and the activists you are developing into your top volunteers) and decide on roles and tasks. Here are some sample roles to get you started.

  • Tech Support: This person will decide on a platform for your virtual event, send out the link, and help any newbies. They are also in charge of muting loud phone bankers! Ah, the power.

  • Information Lead: This is your member who reads every Indivisible email and keeps in close touch with your organizer. This person is in charge of making sure everyone in the group is aware of any new updates or info shared from national to groups that affects their events. 

  • Icebreakers and Fun Captain: These are your friendliest folks who always know how to make someone feel comfortable. Once everyone is settled, turn the agenda over to them to get the conversation started. And build in frequent breaks for fun.

  • Texting Lead: Got any members who can’t get enough p2p? Or is an expert at navigating the texting Slack? This person is your first line of defense for texting questions. Pro-tip: our texting moderators are always available on Slack as well. If it's helpful, your Texting Lead can collect questions from your texters to ask the moderators. 

  • Phone Banking Lead: These are your phone banking experts that always seem to have the best conversations. This person will help your newbies get set up on the Hubdialer, go over the talking points, and troubleshoot any questions.

  • Tracker: We will announce our full network stats at the end of the Week of Action, but this person’s role is to keep track of all the texts your group sends (and even all the calls and letters over the course of the campaigns). Stats are important to tell your story and keep your members motivated. Note: you will not be able to tell how many dialers your members made on the Hubdialer but you can ask them to keep track of their conversations via a personal tally they share with you at the end of their shift. 

Sample Agenda

Unity events are direct voter contact (DVC) actions so the agenda is pretty simple: get folks set up on the tools so they can reach out to voters. But it’s a looooong election season (99 days!) and in order to keep your members engaged and motivated, your events need to be fun. Here is a sample agenda to help you plan.

Welcome and Icebreakers: Kick off the meeting by asking everyone to introduce themselves and answer a thoughtful question. For bonus points, connect the question to the election, like “If Biden wins the presidency, what is the first bill you want him to sign into law?”

Set a Goal: How many texts does your group want to send tonight? How many conversations with voters can you have over the phone? Over the course of the week, our goal is to reach out to 500,000 voters. Set individual goals and a group goal to contribute to the larger goal and keep you on track. 

Livestream or Election Video: We are kicking off our events at 8 pm EST with a livestream including our very own Leah and Ezra. Tune in to hear all about our election work and our big goals for this first Unity Week of Action. Hosting your event on a different day? Check back here for inspiring election videos from our team.

Texting/Phonebanking Set-up: Make sure your texters have all taken our training and are part of the texting slack! From there, they will be able to request texts and send replies. Phone Bankers can watch this simple video (check back soon) and get started. 

Breaks/Fun: Keep it interesting by playing Texting BINGO or having a one-minute dance party every time you hit a goal. Okay, you can have two minutes.

Schedule your next event: C’mon, it's us. Of course we have your next Unity Week(end) of Action ready to go. We are already gearing up for the Democratic National Convention in August. Plan your next event for August 21-23. Or anytime before. We are here and we have work to do.

Closing: Before everyone signs off, bring everyone back together and ask them to reflect on one good conversation that they had with a voter. Everyone has one. These conversations ground us in the work and remind us why direct voter contact is so important. 

Leader Debrief: Over the next few days, pull your leadership team together for a debrief. Debriefs help us refind our events, fix and missteps, and continue to build a stronger movement. Here are some debrief questions to shape your conversations:

  • What went well at this event? Why?

  • What didn’t go so well? What was the cause? You will get the best results if you approach this without assigning blame.

  • Were there any equity implications from how we approached this? Positive or negative?

  • What feedback do we want to highlight for our organizer? Positive or negative?

  • Overall, what should we do differently in the future?

  • What are our immediate next steps?

That’s it! Congratulations and thanks for hosting your first event through our unified digital program. Check in with your organizer or our support team ( and fill out your debrief form to let us know how it went.