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Child Throws Temper Tantrum, Nation Suffers


December 21, 2018
Contact: Emily Phelps |

Washington, DC—The Indivisible Project’s co-executive director Ezra Levin released the following statement after the Senate rejected Trump’s border wall boondoggle:

“A child didn't get his way and threw a temper tantrum. Unfortunately, that child is the President of the United States so now we all suffer. Trump said he would be proud to shut the government down, and with the help of congressional Republicans, he got his way today.

“House Republicans have used their final days in the majority to try to enable Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda one last time. The past two years are proof that Republicans have no clue how to govern, even when they control everything. Luckily, the voters noticed and sent a message loud and clear during the midterms. In two weeks, Nancy Pelosi is Speaker of the House - and playtime is over.

“Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi deserve credit for standing strong. The Indivisibles who built the blue wave will expect the new Congress to continue to work to protect immigrant families and put an end to the humanitarian crisis at the border.”

The Indivisible Project’s national policy director Angel Padilla released the following statement:

“This is Trump’s shutdown. It was entirely avoidable, and now our nation will suffer because Donald Trump demands more money to fund his racist, white nationalist agenda. This fight is more than just about concrete and steel slats. This shutdown is about whether we as a country stand by while Trump tear gases women and children at the border; whether we allow him to cage and separate families; whether we continue to allow the Trump deportation machine to operate with impunity.

“Americans don’t want to see their tax dollars used to fund hate. We’re thankful for the leadership Sen. Chuck Schumer has displayed during this funding fight and we know Leader Nancy Pelosi will continue to hold firm against Trump’s demands to expand his anti-immigrant agenda. This is the kind of fight the grassroots expects from Democrats and that they’ll support throughout this shutdown and into the next Congress.”





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