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Indivisible Supports Congressional Progressive Caucus’s Call for Executive Action from President Biden


March 16, 2022
Emily Phelps |

Washington, DC —  Indivisible expressed its support today for the Congressional Progressive Caucus following the Caucus’s announcement that it will be calling on President Biden to take leadership and enact key parts of Democrats’ shared agenda through executive action.

"It is clear that the CPC and progressive organizations, like Indivisible, share in President Biden’s goals to address systemic economic injustice with common sense popular solutions, and to govern from a position of compassion. That’s been clear from the very start as we worked tirelessly—and continue to work—on passing his agenda,” said Mary Small, National Advocacy Director for Indivisible

The call for President Biden to take executive actions comes after key provisions of his legislative agenda stalled in the Senate. The Congressional Progressive Caucus has encouraged the President to use the full power of the executive branch to enact the bulk of his agenda, while Congress continues to work toward an agreement that will pass both houses. Recently, Indivisible announced its  “Let’s Go Joe” campaign, which supports the Caucus' strategy, and will build awareness and momentum for the President to take swift action on several issues. 

“But it's also apparent that the power is in President Biden's hands. Even as we continue to push for Congress to end its political theater and finally deliver on his legislative agenda, our network is calling for simultaneous and complementary executive action,” Small said.  “We've already been engaged in pushing for the administration to provide relief for those with student loan debt and to address the climate crisis. We echo the Congressional Progressive Caucus’s call: President Biden can and must use the full authority of his office to deliver change wherever possible, as soon as possible.”

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