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Indivisible Announces Ambitious Grassroots Electoral Program to Defeat Republicans in November


July 27, 2020
Emily Phelps |


Washington, DC — With less than one hundred days to go before Election Day, Indivisible announced the launch of a dynamic, multi-faceted electoral program powered by their nationwide grassroots network to defeat Trump, flip the Senate, and hold the House in November. 

Indivisible Action will drive 20 million voter contact attempts by recruiting and mobilizing 30,000 individual volunteers and supporting over 3,000 group-led virtual electoral events across the country. These numbers represent a quadrupling of Indivisible’s 2018 direct voter contact impact, which has been credited as critical to building the 2018 Blue Wave

For more than three years, we have been building the power of local Indivisible groups in all 50 states to resist the Trump agenda. Now we are concentrating all of that grassroots energy on electing Joe Biden, a Democratic Senate, and a Democratic House -- a Democratic trifecta,” said Leah Greenberg, Co-Executive Direct of Indivisible. “We know we need to win as big as possible to set the stage in 2021 for the structural changes we need to undo the damage done to our democracy.”

Indivisible’s voter contact work will be targeted at 18 priority states, executed through a mix of continuous phone banking and text banking every week, with regular trainings in best practices, bimonthly blitzes directed at select states, and Indivisible group-led virtual events continuing throughout the summer and fall. This nationally-led electoral program comes on top of the incalculable ways Indivisible activists are electing progressives by directly volunteering for campaigns.

Paid media buys, social pressure direct mail, and a grassroots team to combat online disinformation are also all in the works. 

“Indivisible’s grassroots forces are fired up and ready to take back the White House and get Democrats across the finish line in November,” said María Urbina, the National Political Director and Chief of Staff of Indivisible. “In the midst of the pandemic, Indivisibles have pivoted seamlessly to digital tactics that are proven to work. With volunteer and direct voter contact numbers that are quadruple what we had in 2018, and a general election plan that uses every tool in the box, Trump and Republicans are in for a reckoning.”

Already this cycle, as part of the Payback Project to flip the Senate, Indivisibles have sent more than one million texts and held over 55,000 conversations with voters in eleven target races. Indivisibles have notched wins for progressive Democratic candidates as part of the Congressional Endorsements program, including Marie Newman in Illinois. The organization has also previously committed to helping send 10 million GOTV handwritten letters to voters as part of the Big Send.  

"In 2020, a blue wave isn't enough. This year we're building a tsunami,” said Ezra Levin, the Co-Executive Director of Indivisible. “We're quadrupling our voter outreach this cycle not just to take the White House and Senate - we're building a mandate for the reforms that are going to secure this democracy for long after Trump, McConnell, and the rest of their proto-fascist movement are nothing more than a cautionary tale in the history books.” 


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Indivisible Action is a Hybrid Political Action Committee fueled by the grassroots movement to win elections and build local, independent progressive power nationwide. Indivisible Action provides Indivisible groups access to voter contact software, along with a suite of canvassing, phonebanking, and texting tools in support of progressive candidates. Indivisible Action also makes endorsements of federal and gubernatorial candidates nominated by their local Indivisible groups, vetted by our political team, and voted on by our supporters in the states and districts the candidate wishes to represent.