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Indivisible Endorses Alex Morse in Massachusetts’ 1st Congressional District


January 16, 2020
Contact: Kenny Palmer |


Washington, DC Today, Indivisible announced its endorsement of Alex Morse’s candidacy against incumbent Richard Neal in the race for the Democratic nomination for Massachusetts’ 1st congressional district.

“Alex Morse understands the urgency of our times, and promises structural change to address the climate crisis, tackle the root causes of systemic inequality, and fix our democracy. We’re proud to follow the lead of Indivisibles in the district in endorsing Alex, and will do everything we can from now until September to ensure he wins the nomination,” Indivisible’s IE political director Lucy Solomon said. “Indivisibles in the 1st District know that we cannot settle for small victories. For 30 years, their community has been promised incremental change, by a member who courts big dollar corporate donations while refusing to hold regular town halls in his district.” 

At age 22, Morse became the youngest and first openly gay mayor of Holyoke, MA and has won reelection three times. As mayor, he’s focused on renewable energy infrastructure, affordable housing projects, and was the first politician in the state to endorse marijuana legalization. If elected, Morse will remain committed to these and other progressive ideals like Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, and holding the Trump administration accountable. His opponent, who chairs the House Ways and Means committee, has repeatedly delayed seeking out Donald Trump’s tax returns. Neal has also lost touch with the people of Western Massachusetts by refusing to hold a town hall with constituents for more than two years. 

“He is young, smart, progressive and accessible. Accessibility is a huge issue with the incumbent who refuses to hold town halls or any events where his constituents interact with him. We are also inspired by his personal story and know that he will be dedicated to progressive ideals because of his experiences in life. That understanding, empathy, and sense of urgency gives hope to his supporters that help is really on the way,” said Ken Eisenstein, leader of the CD-1 Progressive Coalition.

To earn Indivisible’s national endorsement, a candidate must clear a tough three-stage process that requires broad support from local Indivisible group members at multiple points. All endorsed candidates must have a strong progressive platform aligned with our movement’s values and the enthusiastic support of informed energized voters in their district.

CD-1 Progressive Coalition is a collection of locally-led progressive grassroots groups responsible for nominating Alex Morse for Indivisible Action's national endorsement. To learn more about their work, future events, and their endorsement process, please contact: CD-1 Progressive Coalition, Ken Eisenstein,


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Indivisible Action is a Hybrid Political Action Committee fueled by the grassroots movement to win elections and build local, independent progressive power nationwide. Indivisible Action provides Indivisible groups access to voter contact software, along with a suite of canvassing, phonebanking, and texting tools in support of progressive candidates. Indivisible Action also makes endorsements of federal and gubernatorial candidates nominated by their local Indivisible groups, vetted by our political team, and voted on by our supporters in the states and districts the candidate wishes to represent.