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Indivisible Groups Visit California State Lawmakers for “Courage Score” Week of Action


March 15, 2019
Contact: Emily Phelps |

Sacramento, CA — This week, California Indivisible groups, which are part of the statewide coalition Indivisible CA: StateStrong, and partner organizations Courage Campaign and ACCE delivered report cards to their state representatives as part of the “Courage Score” Week of Action. At more than 30 events targeting 30 different state legislators, groups used the report cards to hold legislators accountable for their 2018 votes and convey their upcoming 2019 legislative priorities.

The report cards grade representatives’ political courage on a number of issues revealing how well they stand up for their constituents over corporate lobbyists that exploit Californians — particularly the poor, disadvantaged or communities of color.

“Grassroots Indivisible groups across the state know that being a Democrat in California isn’t enough — we know that special interest money can fill the pockets of our friends in the legislature and undermine their will to take courageous votes to stand up for the people of California,” said Jiggy Athilingam, Co-founder of Indivisible CA: StateStrong and State & Local Policy Manager at Indivisible Project. “Our statewide coalition, Indivisible CA: StateStrong aims to empower California constituents to make their voices heard by their elected officials in Sacramento, and the Courage Score is the perfect tool for state legislator accountability. Indivisibles are looking forward to thanking their All-Star legislators for voting like progressive champions and calling out the Hall of Shamers for voting against our progressive values this week. We’re using the score to send the message loud and clear that we expect them to vote in the best interest of their constituents in 2019, not corporate special interests.”

Photos and videos from the various events can be found here:

Below are the legislators that groups delivered Courage Scores to this week:

March 8

  • Sen. Dodd - Indivisible Yolo

  • Sen. McGuire - Indivisible Marin + Sausalito

  • Sen. Wiener - Indivisible SF

March 10

  • Asm. Levine - Indivisible Marin

March 11

  • Sen. Beall - Orchard City Indivisible + Indivisible Los Gatos

  • Sen. Allen - Indivisible CA-33 + Indivisible CA-43

  • Sen. Atkins & Asm. Gloria - Hillcrest Indivisible

  • Asm. Gonzales Fletcher - Indivisible San Diego Central

  • Asm. Low - Indivisible San Jose

March 12

  • Asm. Burke - Indivisible CA-43

  • Asm. Berman - Indivisible San Jose

March 13

  • Asm. Stone & Sen Monning - Santa Cruz Indivisible

  • Sen. Beall - Indivisible San Jose

  • Sen. Hertzberg - The Resistance Northridge Indivisible

  • Asm. Aguilar-Curry - Indivisible Yolo

  • Asm. Muratsuchi - Indivisible South Bay LA

  • Sen. Bradford - Indivisible South Bay LA

March 14

  • Asm. Waldron - Independent Indivisible

  • Asm. Gipson - Courage Campaign

  • Asm. O'Donnell - Courage Campaign

  • Asm. Gabriel - The Resistance Northridge Indivisible

  • Asm. Kalra - Orchard City Indivisible + Indivisible Los Gatos

March 15

  • Asm. Cooper - Courage Campaign + ACCE

  • Asm. Chiu - Indivisible SF

  • Asm. Levine - Indivisible Sausalito + Indivisible Marin

  • Asm. Kalra - Indivisible San Jose

  • Asm. Nazarian - The Resistance Northridge Indivisible

  • Asm. Cooper, Asm. Cooley, Sen. Pan, Asm. McCarty, Asm. Kiley - Indivisible Sacramento

March 16

  • Asm. Santiago - Indivisible CA-33 + Indivisible CA-43

  • Sen. Hill - Indivisible San Jose

March 28

  • Asm. Limón - Indivisible Ventura

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