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Indivisible Launches Campaign Pressing Biden to take Executive Action on Student Debt, Climate


March 9, 2022
Emily Phelps |

Washington, DC — Today, Indivisible announced the formal launch of “Let’s Go Joe!”, a campaign to press the Biden White House to take executive action on major issues, beginning with two popular and strategic causes: canceling student debt and declaring a climate emergency. As laid out on the accompanying website launching today, the national grassroots movement will be using a range of tactics to build public awareness and momentum behind the President taking action. 

“President Biden can and must use the full authority of his office to deliver change for the American people. The Indivisible movement has high hopes for the President, and we’ll be calling for him to take executive action with one loud, encouraging voice: Let’s Go, Joe!” said Leah Greenberg, co-executive director of Indivisible. “Americans are looking to President Biden more than ever for steady leadership in the midst of crises in Ukraine and the next phases of the pandemic. We’re eager for him to seize the moment on other crises where he promised to lead, including the student debt crisis and climate catastrophe.”

Indivisible will be calling on President Biden to cancel at least $50,000 of student debt, relieving pressure on the 45 million people holding more than $1.8 trillion in student debt. White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain said in an interview last week that the Biden White House will be considering options to address the issue before the current student debt payment freeze expires on May 1st, or will extend it. Indivisible will be urging a permanent and universal cancellation.

“President Biden said it exactly right in his State of the Union address: we need to lower people’s costs, not wages,” Greenberg said. “Biden has the opportunity to protect what has already proven to be an incredible lifeline to many struggling during the pandemic. It’s time for him to make the cancellation universal and permanent.”

Indivisible is also asking the President to declare a national climate emergency and mobilize national resources on a massive scale to transition to clean renewable energy and create millions of good paying green jobs.

“The science is clear: we have very little time left to make the changes needed to avoid the worst impacts of the climate crisis,” Greenberg said. “Declaring a climate emergency is a step President Biden can take that will help the country transition to clean, renewable energy faster by mobilizing our domestic industry to manufacture clean energy technologies and build out renewable energy infrastructure, allowing the U.S. to quickly reduce its dependence on dirty fossil fuels and creating jobs on a huge scale.”

Additional updates around this campaign, including the addition of new areas for action, are expected in the coming weeks.


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