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Indivisible Launches GOTV Mail Program


October 21, 2020
Kenny Palmer|

Washington, DC — Today, Indivisible announced the expansion of its Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) mail program to help Democrats increase turnout in congressional districts that are key to capturing the White House and control of both chambers of Congress. The mail program is set to send nearly 600,000 pieces of mail across ten states--Michigan, Texas, North Carolina, Alaska, Kansas, Nebraska, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Montana, and Florida. Several targeted districts feature Indivisible-endorsed House candidates, and some feature hotly-contested Senate or Presidential fights. Highlights include Cynthia Wallace (NC-09), Jon Hoadley (MI-06), Desiree Tims (OH-10), Kara Eastman (NE-02), Mike Siegel (TX-10), Sri Kulkarni (TX-22), Candace Valenzuela (TX-24) and Julie Oliver (TX-25).

“Indivisible is all-in on turning out Democrats. We need a broad, multiracial, cross-generation coalition to come together to make Donald Trump a one-term President, defeat his Republican enablers in the Senate, and elect progressives to join Democrats’ growing House majority,” said Lucy Solomon, IE Political Director. “We are bringing the full power of our movement to bear to ensure record-breaking turnout. It’s vital that we leave no stone unturned and nothing on the table. “

Importantly, the program is designed to not only reach the frequent Democratic voters that are so often the targets of GOTV campaigns, but also those who rarely turn out to vote, often because they are simply not contacted or prioritized. So far, Indivisible’s GOTV program will include a video series aimed at helping voters make a plan for voting and how to submit their mail in ballot, an SMS program to help voters find their polling place, and a digital campaign highlighting stories of campaign volunteers. The GOTV program has been a part of an expansive and impressive Direct Voter Contact program that includes phone calls, texts, letters and postcards. Early this week, the DVC program easily surpassed its initial goal of 20 million voter contacts. Indivisible’s GOTV mail program will build on these efforts to continue Indivisible’s mission to reach disaffected or uncontacted voters.

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Indivisible Action (PAC) channels grassroots energy into electing progressive candidates who will work towards an inclusive democracy that provides for the needs of all people. Indivisible Action provides tools, training and strategic guidance to local Indivisible groups as they flex their electoral power. Indivisible Action also makes its own endorsements of federal and gubernatorial candidates, grounded in endorsements made by local Indivisible activists.