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The Indivisible Project’s Statement on 9 Moderates Blocking Recovery


August 16, 2021
Kenny Palmer |

Washington, DC — Today, Mary Small, National Director of Advocacy for the Indivisible Project, issued the following statement:

“Since the start of the negotiations for the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework, progressives have held that it was a woefully insufficient vehicle to deliver on the robust and inclusive recovery needed to rebuild after the COVID-19 pandemic, associated economic damage and in the face of a mounting climate crisis. What’s more, it fails to fully deliver on the promises made by Biden to build this country back better.

“Indivisible agrees that the bipartisan “roads and bridges” package should not stand alone, and should not move forward until the Senate also passes a budget reconciliation package that prioritizes the needs of our most vulnerable people. But now, moderates in the House are threatening to revolt, in order to continue to put their devotion to bipartisanship above their obligation to their constituents. It is absolutely unacceptable that in the face of mass unemployment, racial injustice, a pandemic, a broken health care system, and the climate crisis these members are refusing to provide desperately needed recovery to people.

“Let us be clear, these members are robbing the American people of extremely popular and urgent proposals like lowering outrageous prescription drug prices, and giving seniors eyeglasses, hearing aids, and access to dental care. These are more than progressive demands--they are key parts of Biden’s agenda. And now, these moderate Dems are threatening to join with Republicans in obstructing it. So far, progressives have guarded against efforts to water down Biden’s promises and they should continue to do so. We strongly support those Members, including Speaker Pelosi, who are holding firm to their commitment to help bring an inclusive recovery for all American families.”

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The Indivisible Project (501c4) is a social movement non-profit driven by a vision of a real democracy - of, by, and for the people. Indivisible began in 2016 as a viral guide to resisting Trump’s agenda. Today, the Indivisible movement is a network of thousands of local groups and millions of activists across every state. The Indivisible Project drives campaigns for bold progressive policies, lobbies Congress, and equips activists with tools to build lasting progressive power, everywhere. Together, we fight to defeat the rightwing takeover of American government and build an inclusive democracy.