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The Indivisible Project’s Statement on Tonight’s Progressive Victory


September 30, 2021
Emily Phelps |

Washington, DC — Today, Leah Greenberg, Co-Executive Director of the Indivisible Project, issued the following statement:

“From the beginning Progressives have supported the two-track strategy President Biden, Leader Schumer, Leader Pelosi and progressives in Congress all agreed to, in order to deliver on the President’s full Build Back Better Agenda. Right-wing Democrats, meanwhile, have repeatedly refused to deliver on their side of the deal.

“The only things standing in the way of the infrastructure bill being signed into law are the conservative hold-outs, like Senators Manchin and Sinema, who are offering only vague criticisms of the massively popular budget reconciliation bill. Is lowering drug prices for the majority of Americans too much? Is expanding Medicare to cover dental, vision, and hearing too much? Which of their constituents are they willing to throw under the bus in order to get a win for their corporate sponsors?

“Today’s vote by progressives was a necessary step to ensure that we ultimately deliver on our full agenda - from lower prescription drug prices to paid family leave, from child care to climate action, from citizenship to affordable housing. Progressives are ready to support this infrastructure package once the conservative Democrats stop using Republican talking points or tactics, and return to the negotiating table to pass the budget reconciliation bill.

“It is now time for the obstructionist right-wing holdouts to negotiate in earnest so that we can deliver on President Biden’s agenda - for our families, our communities, and the planet.”

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The Indivisible Project (501c4) is a social movement non-profit driven by a vision of a real democracy - of, by, and for the people. Indivisible began in 2016 as a viral guide to resisting Trump’s agenda. Today, the Indivisible movement is a network of thousands of local groups and millions of activists across every state. The Indivisible Project drives campaigns for bold progressive policies, lobbies Congress, and equips activists with tools to build lasting progressive power, everywhere. Together, we fight to defeat the rightwing takeover of American government and build an inclusive democracy.