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The Indivisible Project’s Statement on the Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict


November 19, 2021
Kenny Palmer |

Washington, DC — Today, Leah Greenberg, Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director of the Indivisible Project, issued the following statement after jury’s verdict in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse’s: 

“This verdict is a devastating endorsement of right-wing white supremacist vigilante violence.  It is the embodiment of the very blatant disregard for Black and brown lives that Kyle Rittenhouse’s  victims were protesting on behalf of. Yet in a trial where the judge wouldn’t even recognize Joseph Rosembaum and Anthony Huber as victims, it is hardly surprising. 

“It is crucial to recognize the broader context in which the Rittenhouse trial takes place. The right has rallied to Kyle Rittenhouse’s side, as they did to George Zimmerman’s a decade ago. Simultaneously, Republican legislatures across the country have rushed to pass laws protecting drivers who kill protestors with their cars, and to stifle protest by increasing the legal and physical risks. Their goal is clear: to shut down racial justice protesters by any means necessary.

“People in this country have a right to protest. And protesters deserve a sense of safety while exercising this constitutional right, and lawmakers should always work to protect it. Kyle Rittenhouse is not a hero, and despite what his lawyers and a clearly biased judge wanted the jury to believe, he is definitely not a victim.”


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The Indivisible Project (501c4) is a social movement non-profit driven by a vision of a real democracy - of, by, and for the people. Indivisible began in 2016 as a viral guide to resisting Trump’s agenda. Today, the Indivisible movement is a network of thousands of local groups and millions of activists across every state. The Indivisible Project drives campaigns for bold progressive policies, lobbies Congress, and equips activists with tools to build lasting progressive power, everywhere. Together, we fight to defeat the rightwing takeover of American government and build an inclusive democracy.