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Indivisible Reacts to Senate Vote on Yemen


December 12, 2018
Contact: Emily Phelps |

Washington, DC—The Indivisible Project’s Associate Policy Director Elizabeth Beavers released the following statement after the Senate voted 60-39 on Wednesday to advance S.J. Res. 54, which would halt the Trump administration’s support for Saudi war crimes in Yemen:

“Even Trump’s most vocal enablers are turning against him on this one. What the Senate just did is historic. On a bold, bipartisan basis, senators are rebuking the Trump administration’s illegal and immoral participation in the Saudi war in Yemen.

“Donald Trump and Jared Kushner are helping their Saudi business partners cover for the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, which was orchestrated at the highest levels of the Saudi government. Not only is stopping this humanitarian catastrophe the right thing to do, but withholding support for the Yemen war is the best leverage that the United States has over the Saudis to hold them accountable for Khashoggi’s murder. But Trump clearly isn’t interested in holding the Saudis accountable, as that might jeopardize his personal profit and affect the wallets of defense contractors who supply the weapons for these war crimes. So, it’s on Congress to force Trump’s hand.

“The Senate must continue to move this resolution forward and pass it. Republican leadership today successfully blocked the issue from advancing in the House, with the help of a handful of Democrats, so the House Democratic leadership must prioritize moving this issue forward once they take power.”





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