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Indivisible Releases New Guides to Resisting the Trump Agenda


November 13, 2018
Contact: Emily Phelps |

Washington, DC—After two years of playing defense, Indivisible is going on offense. With Democrats now in control of the House of Representatives, and more in control of state governments, the Indivisible Project today released two new guides to constituent advocacy:

Indivisible on Offense: A Practical Guide to the New, Democratic House; and 

Indivisible: Empowering the States to Resist the Trump Agenda

“Two years ago, we wrote the Indivisible Guide because we knew that everything we hold dear was under threat,” reads an excerpt from Indivisible on Offense. “We’ve lost a lot since then, but we — along with critical partners — have accomplished so much to take hope from. We resisted. We retook power. And now, with control of the House of Representatives, we will stand indivisible to remake this country.”

Just as the original Indivisible Guide demystified the Republican unified Congress, the new guide to federal advocacy, Indivisible on Offense, demystifies the incoming House majority. The guide provides practical steps for using constituent power locally to ensure this new Democratic majority listens to constituents and holds Trump accountable while moving progressive legislation forward. It explains what being in the majority in the House of Representatives means for Democrats and how they can use their newly earned oversight and agenda-setting powers, and also lays out what constituents can do to ensure Congress puts this new strategy into effect, with additional guidance on making good “asks” of members of Congress and on organizing effective local actions.

The new State Guide also lays out a plan for how Indivisibles can use their collective power to influence state governments to provide a progressive vision for the country through state-level advocacy.

“Indivisible was founded on the radical idea that in a representative democracy, your representatives ought to represent you. Our only goal, as a group of progressive former congressional staffers, wonks, and advocates, is to empower the thousands of local Indivisible groups to demand that representation,” reads the conclusion of Indivisible on Offense.

The new guides can be accessed at





The Indivisible Project is a registered 501(c)(4) nonprofit. Our mission is to cultivate and lift up a grassroots movement of local groups to defeat the Trump agenda, elect progressive leaders, and realize bold progressive policies. Across the nation, thousands of local groups are using the Indivisible Guide to hold their members of Congress accountable. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.