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Indivisible Statement on Alex Morse’s Defeat to Richie Neal


September 1, 2020
Kenny Palmer |

Washington, DC — Today, Indivisible’s IE Political Director, Lucy Solomon, released the following statement:

“We are saddened by the defeat of Alex Morse in the Democratic primary for Massachusetts’ 1st Congressional District. We are disappointed, but unbowed--Morse ran a tough and well-fought campaign. He championed a progressive vision for the future of Western Mass and never compromised on his values. In the face of homophobic smears and an endless influx of corporate dollars, we still came very close to toppling one of the most powerful members of the Democratic establishment. As Marie Newman and Cori Bush illustrate, you don’t always win on the first try. We are sure this isn’t the last that Western Mass will hear from Alex Morse.”

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Indivisible Action (PAC) channels grassroots energy into electing progressive candidates who will work towards an inclusive democracy that provides for the needs of all people. Indivisible Action provides tools, training and strategic guidance to local Indivisible groups as they flex their electoral power. Indivisible Action also makes its own endorsements of federal and gubernatorial candidates, grounded in endorsements made by local Indivisible activists.