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Indivisible Supports Congressional Progressive Caucus on COVID-Relief Improvements. Go Big or Go Home.


January 28, 2021
Kenny Palmer|

Washington, DC — Today, Mary Small, acting National Policy Director for Indivisible, issued the following statement:

"Last year, while Democrats spent eight months negotiating with Republicans for an inadequate COVID-relief package, Americans got sicker and their stack of unpaid bills got higher. That was because we needed Senate Republicans to pass a bill. That is no longer true. Democrats should not pare down the President’s COVID-relief package to get another inadequate bill that Republicans won’t vote for anyway. Instead, they have the ability to utilize their majority to build on President Biden’s plan and make meaningful improvements to this bill.

"Americans need an increase in the minimum wage, an emergency public health care plan for the uninsured and unemployed, and states and localities need additional funding to meet the challenges of treating and vaccinating their residents. Additionally, Congress should make good on President Biden’s commitment to unity by ensuring all affected workers and families receive aid, including immigrants and mixed-status families. This relief bill should be more than $1.9 trillion dollars and should include everything in the President’s proposal, as well as the smart people-centered improvements that the Congressional Progressive Caucus is calling for. Now is not the time to buy the GOP’s fake concerns about budget deficits or fall for their bad-faith delay tactics. As Congressional Progressive Caucus Chairwoman Primila Jayapal states ‘There is no scenario where we help people survive this devastation by putting money in their pockets, and then look back and say we did too much or went too big.’ We must give the American people the relief they deserve and so desperately need."

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The Indivisible Project (501c4) is a social movement non-profit driven by a vision of a real democracy - of, by, and for the people. Indivisible began in 2016 as a viral guide to resisting Trump’s agenda. Today, the Indivisible movement is a network of thousands of local groups and millions of activists across every state. The Indivisible Project drives campaigns for bold progressive policies, lobbies Congress, and equips activists with tools to build lasting progressive power, everywhere. Together, we fight to defeat the rightwing takeover of American government and build an inclusive democracy.