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Indivisibles made more than 60 million voter contact attempts in 2020


November 7, 2020
Emily Phelps|

Washington, DC — In July, Indivisible announced the launch of Windivisible, a multi-tiered electoral program powered by their nationwide grassroots network to defeat Trump, save SCOTUS, flip the Senate, and hold the House in November.

“In one of the most challenging election years in recent memory, the Indivisible movement showed up, did the work, and made history,” said Lucy Solomon, IE Political Director for Indivisible. “The volume of calls they placed, texts they sent, and letters they mailed were staggering, and the heart they brought to the work showed in every conversation they had.”

The original Windivisible plan laid out a goal of 20 million direct voter contact (DVC) attempts. These goals represent a quadrupling of Indivisible’s 2018 direct voter contact impact, which has been credited as critical to building the 2018 Blue Wave.

  • Indivisible activists have made over 60 million contact attempts to voters, more than tripling the ambitious 20 million direct voter contact goal.
  • Last weekend alone, Indivisible activists made over 450,000 calls to voters across 18 key states.
  • Indivisible groups have held over 3,500 local group-led electoral events, exceeding the goals laid out in the Windivisible plan.
  • Indivisible’s voter contact work has been targeted at 18 priority states through a mix of continuous phonebanking and textbanking every week. Highlights in some key states:
    • Arizona: over 2.9 million DVC attempts
    • Colorado: over 1.2 million DVC attempts
    • Georgia: over 5.2 million DVC attempts
    • Michigan: over 4 million DVC attempts
    • North Carolina: over 4.7 million DVC attempts
    • Pennsylvania: nearly 5.9 million DVC attempts
    • Wisconsin: nearly 2.3 million DVC attempts

This nationally-led electoral program comes on top of the incalculable ways Indivisible activists are electing progressives by directly volunteering for campaigns.

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Indivisible Action is a Hybrid Political Action Committee fueled by the grassroots movement to win elections and build local, independent progressive power nationwide. Indivisible Action provides Indivisible groups access to voter contact software, along with a suite of canvassing, phonebanking, and texting tools in support of progressive candidates. Indivisible Action also makes endorsements of federal and gubernatorial candidates nominated by their local Indivisible groups, vetted by our political team, and voted on by our supporters in the states and districts the candidate wishes to represent.