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Progressives Launch Six Figure Ad Buy Targeting Nine Obstructionist Democrats Blocking Infrastructure Deal


Working Families Party, Organize For Justice (a sister advocacy organization of Justice Democrats), Indivisible Project, Sunrise Movement, and MoveOn launched an ad campaign targeting the nine conservative Democrats obstructing The American Jobs and Families Plan. The six-figure ad buy will run on TV and digital in the districts of all nine representatives. The campaign follows misleading ad buys by centrist groups like No Labels claiming conservative Democrats like Rep. Henry Cuellar are “helping President Biden” by blocking the reconciliation package.

"Americans have a right to know whether their representatives are putting corporate profits ahead of childcare and preschool, climate defense, and creating good-paying jobs," said Natalia Salgado, Director of Federal Affairs at the Working Families Party. "This country is in crisis, and we can't afford to let a small band of obstructionists gut Biden's working families agenda in service of the wealthy and well-connected."

The ads focus on the hard fought compromise of President Biden’s American Jobs and Families Plan, which is supported by a bipartisan majority of Americans and would make historic investments in clean energy, public education, and broadband, as well as expanding Medicare and child care. The nine Democrats in opposition to the deal include Representatives Gottheimer, Vela, Cuellar, Case, Costa, Bourdeaux, Golden, Schrader, and Gonzalez.

“With misinformation being peddled by corporate-friendly groups like No Labels, constituents deserve to know the truth about how these nine conservative Democrats are blocking urgent action on jobs, climate, and child care,” said Alexandra Rojas of Organize for Justice and Justice Democrats. “Americans have been waiting for over a decade for action on many of these issues, it’s time to deliver results.”

“If these nine members continue on this ill-advised path, they are robbing the American people of extremely popular and urgent proposals like lowering outrageous prescription drug prices, making childcare affordable for working families, and ensuring seniors have eyeglasses, hearing aids, and access to dental care,” said Mary Small, National Advocacy Director at Indivisible Project. “These kinds of basic improvements in people's lives are what they were elected to deliver, and what their constituents expect.”

“The reality is these nine members are threatening the future of our generation by blocking a deal that would help us avert the worst of the climate crisis and support working people,” said Varshini Prakash of Sunrise Movement. “Our question to them is: which side are you on? Are you on the side of fossil fuel companies that pollute your communities, or are you on the side of the workers and young people who elected you?”

In breaking with their party’s two-track consensus strategy, which ensures the passage of both the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package and a at least $3.5 trillion dollar reconciliation package that strengthens the social safety net and addresses the climate crisis, the nine conservative House Democrats are jeopardizing the chances of passing the agenda President Biden promised voters.

Video: Rep. Gottheimer Blocking Biden Jobs and Families Plan (Example)