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Results of Indivisible Supporter Poll: Warren Maintains Lead


August 6, 2019
Contact: Emily Phelps |

Washington, DC — According to a survey conducted following last week’s presidential primary debates, Senator Elizabeth Warren continues to be the first choice among the Indivisible community. Of 16,300 respondents, 84% said they are considering voting for her in the Democratic presidential primaries and nearly half of all respondents indicating that they would vote for Senator Warren were the election held today. The survey also revealed that Indivisibles are favoring candidates who they consider to be in alignment with them on the issues of immigration and democracy reform. The results largely mirrored the results of Indivisible’s last supporter web poll, conducted after the first round of Democratic presidential primary debates in June.

The Indivisible Project’s national political director María Urbina released the following analysis of the poll:

“The results from our supporter poll that followed the most recent presidential primary debates revealed that Senator Warren is winning the attention of Indivisibles more than any other candidate in the field. When Indivisibles were asked who they would vote for were the election held today, Senator Warren was identified by 45% of respondents as their first choice. That response puts her 10 points ahead of where she stood in our June poll. Senator Warren also carried the highest net favorability among the movement at 77%.

“Despite this early support for Senator Warren, Indivisibles continue to be animated by multiple candidates in this primary. Over 90% of respondents are still considering more than one candidate, and seven candidates have positive favorability with the movement: Senator Warren, Mayor Buttigieg, Senator Harris, Senator Booker, Secretary Castro, Senator Sanders, and Vice President Biden.

“The impressive response to this poll also showed that Indivisibles are preferring candidates like Warren, Castro and Buttigieg who align with their values on issues like immigration and democracy reform, while those who oppose bold structural changes in these areas are underwater in terms of favorability. The results suggest that Indivisibles have likely ruled out many candidates—including some potential 2020 candidates for the Senate, like John Hickenlooper and Steve Bullock—and are ready for this primary field to narrow.” 

Results: Indivisible’s July Post-Debate Primary Election Survey  

Methodology: In this latest web poll that was carried out from July 31 to August 2, Indivisible received 16,300 responses from supporters in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. The poll was sent to Indivisible’s email list and asked respondents three key questions: Which candidates are you considering voting for, which candidate are you not considering voting for and who would you vote for if you had to pick today.

  1. Which candidates are you considering voting for? 
  2. Which candidates are you not considering voting for?

Respondents were asked to select as many candidates as they wanted in response to each question. Over 90% of respondents indicated that they were considering voting for more than one candidate at this time. 

Net Support Results: Considering minus Not Considering 

Percent of people who said they were considering a candidate, minus percent of people who are not considering that candidate. 

  • Candidates who are net positive: 

    • Elizabeth Warren: 77pp

    • Pete Buttigieg: 37pp

    • Kamala Harris: 36pp

    • Cory Booker: 21pp

    • Julián Castro: 18pp

    • Bernie Sanders: 3pp

    • Joe Biden: 1pp

  • Candidates who have a net negative (and attended debates): 

    • John Delaney: -79pp

    • John Hickenlooper: -71pp

    • Bill de Blasio: -71

    • Tim Ryan: -68pp

    • Marianne Williamson: -68pp

    • Steve Bullock: -60pp

If the primary was held today, who would you vote for? 

  • Warren: 45%

  • Biden: 14%

  • Sanders: 11%

  • Harris: 9%

  • Buttigieg: 7%

  • Booker: 2%

  • Inslee: 2%

  • Castro: 1%

  • Klobuchar: 1%

  • Yang: 1%

  • O’Rourke: 1%

  • Bennet: 1%

  • Gabbard: 1%

  • Williamson: 1%

  • Everyone else at 0%

In this week’s debates, which candidates’ responses were most aligned with your ideal preferences on IMMIGRATION? 

  • Warren: 48%

  • Castro: 44%

  • Buttigieg: 26%

  • Sanders: 23%

  • Booker: 21%

In this week’s debates, which candidates’ responses were most aligned with your ideal preferences on DEMOCRACY REFORM? 

  • Warren: 63%

  • Buttigieg: 33%

  • Sanders: 32%

  • Harris: 20%

  • Booker: 19%


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