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Indivisible on the Senate Republicans Blocking the Women’s Health Protection Act: ‘Heartless Scumbags.’


May 11, 2022
Contact: Emily Phelps |

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Indivisible’s Director of Democracy Policy Meagan Hatcher-Mays released the following statement in response to Senate Republicans blocking passage of the Women’s Health Protection Act: 

"In case it wasn’t already obvious, Republican Senators, even the ones who lie and claim to be pro-choice, are heartless scumbags who clearly couldn‘t care less about protecting the constitutional rights of the American people. These same senators are the reason why the Supreme Court is stacked with a similarly heartless conservative majority who share their disdain for the constitution. Republicans are the driving force behind this 50-year, misogynistic anti-abortion crusade. They are, ultimately,  responsible for the fact that the Women’s Health Protection Act didn’t pass in the Senate today. 

“From Mitch McConnell and Brett Kavanaugh to John Roberts and Susan Collins, the Republican Party represents the worst this country has to offer. They hurt people, they lie, and then they hope we won’t notice. 

“Well, we did notice. We will be on the ground fighting to ensure every lawmaker who does not support abortion access faces the consequences at the ballot box. We will do everything we can to fight to keep and expand our majorities in the house and Senate, by fighting for Democratic candidates who will do whatever it takes to restore our right to an abortion and protect it from a Republican Supreme Court hellbent on rolling back our rights. if Republicans think they can steal our rights without a fight, they can think again.”




The Indivisible Project (501c4) is a social movement non-profit driven by a vision of a real democracy - of, by, and for the people. Indivisible began in 2016 as a viral guide to resisting Trump’s agenda. Today, the Indivisible movement is a network of thousands of local groups and millions of activists across every state. The Indivisible Project drives campaigns for bold progressive policies, lobbies Congress, and equips activists with tools to build lasting progressive power, everywhere. Together, we fight to defeat the rightwing takeover of American government and build an inclusive democracy.