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Statement on the President’s FY23 Budget


March 28, 2022
Kenny Palmer |

Mary Small, National Advocacy Director for Indivisible issued the following statement:

“We are pleased to see that President Biden’s FY23 Budget reflects his commitment to investing in the American people and ensuring the wealthiest individuals and corporations start paying their fair share. The inclusion of the billionaire's tax is a welcome addition toward that goal. 

President Biden promised to take on some of the most pressing issues in our country. We’re heartened to see strategic investments, like the requested 25% increase in funding for the Environmental Protection Agency. By investing in programs to address the mental health crisis and the opioid epidemic, among many more, he is demonstrating how strong governance can truly deliver for the many. 

We are also deeply disappointed to see President Biden follow in the steps of the many administrations before him, in increasing the amount of taxpayer dollars going to an already bloated defense budget. 

The American people gave President Biden a mandate to deliver on long-held promises by using the full power of our federal government. Even as the appropriation process for FY23 works its way through Congress, we call on President Biden to deliver on those promises and effect immediate change through complementary Executive Action on student debt, climate action, immigrant justice, lowering drug prices, addressing corporate price gouging and more.”