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Urgently Needed Build Back Better Act Can’t Wait


December 16, 2021
Emily Phelps |

Washington, D.C.— On Thursday, Indivisible’s Co-Executive Director Leah Greenberg issued the following statement in response to the President’s announcement that negotiations on the Build Back Better Act will be pushed to 2022:

“Voters and activists don’t care about excuses. They care about results. 

“We are deeply disappointed to see the President of the United States decrying Republican obstructionism on the Build Back Better Act. Senate Republicans are terrible obstructionists, but they are in the minority. President Biden has a majority, and he has repeatedly promised that he will deliver the votes for Build Back Better. He is responsible for now getting this legislation across the finish line. Period. If it continues to stall, he must own responsibility for the results of his own actions. He must make good on his repeated promises to deliver the votes in the Senate to pass Build Back Better immediately. 

“It is critical that Democrats enact the wildly popular BBB in order to swiftly deliver on long standing Democratic priorities like lowering drug prices, expanding Medicare, providing affordable child care, paid leave, and historic investments in housing, home care, climate, and more. As families across this country struggle to get affordable healthcare in the midst of a years-long pandemic, go without affordable childcare, experience the devastation of the climate crisis, and could see critical programs like the child tax credit expire, they are looking to President Biden for the leadership to get this bill passed into law.

“When Democrats won a governing trifecta, Indivisible said they must go big, go fast, and get it right.  Allowing one Senator to hold up the President’s signature legislation does not live up to that challenge. The President has repeatedly stated that he’ll deliver the votes for Build Back Better in the Senate - he now must show voters that Democrats deserve to be in power by delivering on a transformative recovery now.”