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Tell the House to Pass the Inflation Reduction Act Now!

UPDATE: the Senate passed the Inflation Reduction Act on August 7th, 2022! The House is set to vote on the package on Friday, August 12th, so make sure you call your Member to make sure they vote Yes on the IRA!

The good things in this bill:

  • A 15% Corporate Minimum Tax ensuring the ultra-rich pay their fair share
  • Investments in cleaner energy solutions that put us on the path toward a 40% reductions in emissions by 2030
  • Permission for Medicare to negotiate drug prices (lowering prescription drug prices)
  • Continued lower Affordable Care Act premiums for millions of Americans
  • And more.

This bill may not be everything we wanted, but it’s a badly needed response to a crisis of inaction that too often has stopped progress in its tracks.

BUT we still need to get this bill across the finish line in the House. We need you to make sure your Member of Congress feels the pressure to vote for this bill, which will be a significant victory for our families and our communities.

Fill out this form right now and we’ll connect you to your Representative. Let them know you want them to pass the Inflation Reduction Act immediately. Let’s use this progress to fuel our movement, to show our friends and neighbors that hope is worth it, and to motivate each other to keep fighting.

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American families need economic relief!

Hello, I’m a constituent from [part of state] and I am so glad that the Senate finally passed the reconciliation package that will bring down costs for families. It helps lower drug prices, lowers energy costs by investing in clean energy, and helps ensure the ultra-wealthy pay their fair share. 

There’s no time to waste. American families have been waiting over a year and a half to feel the economic relief this bill will bring. We need the House to act now by voting Yes on the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, when Speaker Pelosi brings it to the floor on August 12th. 

Will [Representative] vote to pass this bill?  I’ll be watching to ensure my Member of Congress moves quickly to pass this legislation.

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Your call in support of passing the Inflation Reduction Act makes all the difference! Call as many times as you can today and tell all your friends to call as well!

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