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Congress must get to work and fill the remaining gaps


March 27, 2020
Contact: Emily Phelps |


Washington, DC — Today, Indivisible’s National Policy Director Angel Padilla released the following statement on House vote on the third COVID-19 response package: 

“Thanks to Democrats in the Senate, this bill includes some critical things that we need right now, like expanded unemployment insurance. But let’s be clear—this bill still has major gaps. It has no expansion to paid sick leave, not enough support for front line workers, and no moratorium on evictions or foreclosures. It doesn’t do nearly enough to protect our elections. And, it grossly leaves millions of immigrants and their families out of the most important pieces of the bill, including unemployment insurance, rebate checks, and access to health care. Meanwhile, the bill has $500 billion to bailout corporations, the single biggest priority for Republicans during this process. 

“We’re disappointed that the Democratically-controlled House didn’t fully use its power to make further improvements to the bill. When you control an entire chamber of Congress, floor speeches aren't enough.”

“The clock has already started on a fourth bill and we expect and demand that House Democrats fight to ensure that the needs of all communities are met. Congress must work immediately to fill the gaps from the previous three COVID packages, and go further to reduce the inequality that put so many families at risk in the first place.”

“Let’s not forget, COVID might be the current crisis we’re facing, but these problems are structural. We find ourselves here because of decades of failed policies that have deepened inequality, undermined worker protections, weakened our social safety net, and put profits over people. We will need big changes to address the current crisis and to prevent the next one.”



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