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Indivisible survey shows broad support for impeachment investigations


June 11, 2019
Contact: Emily Phelps |

Washington, DC — Today, the Indivisible Project released results from a recent survey of Indivisible group members and supporters gauging support for Democrats beginning impeachment proceedings.

Conducted May 30 - June 3, the survey showed that Indivisibles are supportive of House Democrats starting impeachment investigations. 80% of respondents believed Democrats should start impeachment investigations, and 75% said they were willing to invest time and energy in working to make that happen.

“Following Robert Mueller’s press conference about his report, we surveyed Indivisible members from across the country. In blue, red, and purple states, we asked them if they thought the House of Representatives should begin impeachment proceedings,” said co-executive director Ezra Levin. “The results were overwhelming. Eighty percent emphatically said yes. Another 12% said maybe. Only 8% said no.”

“Pressure for impeachment isn’t just coming from Democratic Members of Congress — it’s coming from the grassroots energy that put them in the majority. There’s healthy disagreement about the politics at play here but almost all House Democrats agree that Donald Trump deserves to be the subject of impeachment proceedings. So, the grassroots message to House Democrats is simple: don’t overthink it; just do what we elected you to do.”

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